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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Quilts, Flowers, and Penny Farthings

It rained.  So I didn't get my quilts photographed.  Then it gets dark each night, so I didn't get my quilts photographed.  Then I just forgot.  No more excuses.  I just dragged DH outside to be my official quilt holder.  First up is my Baltimore Album quilt.  I challenged myself to make just 4 blocks to see if I liked making them.  And I loved it!  There will be another quilt in the future.

Next up is my second RSC16 quilt.  This has been sitting in the 'to-be-quilted' pile for awhile now, but it's finally ready to find a new home!  I didn't think I liked string piecing, but it turns out I enjoy that, too!

Last Saturday, we drove down to a nearby town to watch the Clustered Spires High Wheel Race.  It was another hot day, so we only stayed for the first heat, and took loads of photos.  Lots of fun to watch.  Some of the riders are very competitive, and others are just out to have a good time.  The eventual winner actually came all the way from Sweden!

Many wore period costumes

Female Winner!

Hometown favorite

Winner - from Sweden

This guy was just having fun riding, not racing.

I got up early this morning, and went for a nice long walk on the towpath.  Found some nice flowers, grasses, and mushrooms.
Cutleaf Coneflower

just a grass I liked

Pale Touch-me-not

C&O Canal Towpath

Butter and Eggs

Common Morning Glory and Queen Anne's Lace
In addition to these events, DH and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary, I went on a road trip with Guild members to visit 7 shops in the Lancaster Amish area, and I joined a gym.  I'm taking a water aerobics class, and hanging out at the outdoor pool as much as I can in the next two weeks!

Life is Good..............Sunny


  1. Your quilts are lovely!! I did a block or two for a Baltimore Album years ago... wonder where they are? The high wheelers are such fun! I have a dear friend who rode them. He was a kindergarten teacher and every year he'd bring one to school for the kids to see. They were in awe! Good luck at the gym... the only thing I ever seem to exercise is good intentions...LOL!

  2. Two beautiful finishes Sunny. Hmm! love the look of Batimore blocks but not my thing.
    Love the photos of the Penny farthings and flowers...
    I love water aerobics... Have heated pool in Geraldton, nice at this time of year....

  3. Happy anniversary... Those bikes look like so much fun. I wouldn't be able to keep my balance on them though.

  4. good quilt holder........and lovely quilts........so many beautiful yellow flowers.........congrats on your anniversary and goodluck with the gym......water aerobics would be fun......

  5. Your Baltimore Album quilt is beautiful! I made a similar one years ago and donated it to a charity. I'll have to make another for me.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love your Baltimore Album quilt. I don't think I would ever have the patience or organization to do all the applique. Your string quilt is amazing! Do you sew on paper or on a separate piece of fabric? Those bicycles are fun. I recently read two books about a couple who live the Victorian life and they are all about corsets and those bikes!

  7. Photos like yours of the C&O Canal Towpath always stir the art quilter in me. Thanks for the shots of the race and I hope the new owner of your Rainbow String Quilt falls in love with it!


  8. Congrads on the 15th Anniversary--what did you do?? Glad you had fun in Lancaster with out me!!!
    I used to love going there but now it has grown up and there is soo much going on all around there it is hard to get the true feel of the area and the amish people-- Would love to have went with you to see that bike show--do wished it hadn't been so hot for you so you could of stayed longer--
    and neat quilt projects---nice job on the Baltimore one--and love the nature photos--even the 'weed' one--I take those too!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  9. Lovely quilts, and such pretty photography. I love your header and your lace, too. Altogether, you have a wonderful blog. I'll be back to look around more. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your nice comment.

  10. Lovely quilts and nature shots! In my area we have a "Pumpkin Festival Parade" and another town has a big "4th of July Parade" / a unicycle group always participates and your bike photos reminded me of them :) Love your header..I think that is Phlox / I have some in my garden too ; love it.

  11. Beautiful quilt finishes, love the string quilt. Happy anniversary, gorgeous flowers.

  12. First of all, Happy Anniversary! Secondly, I love that you share your walks among nature through your lovely photographs. I'm especially intrigued by that one of the grass! What a nice capture! Your quilts are so pretty. Kudos on stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

  13. DH is doing a good job there! Two very different quilts Sunny, both beautiful.
    An uncle of mine had a penny farthing many years ago & enjoyed to ride it in the street outside my grandmother's home - much to the delight of his young kids, wider family & any passer-by... Gran probably worried he'd fall off, but he was always quite entertaining.

  14. First...Happy Anniversary! Loved the bikes... great sketching subjects. We visited Lancaster some years ago. I still have most of the fabrics I bought there. I have many more quilts to make. LOL

  15. Great work on your quilts, Sunny. How wonderful to discover two new techniques that you enjoyed!
    The penny farthing race looks fascinating. I can't imagine how to get up on the bikes let alone ride on one.
    And of course, happy anniversary.

  16. Woohoo Happy Anniversary!!! I love your quilts, that Album quilt is just stunning. The bicycles are awesome!

  17. Hi Sunny sorry somehow i have missed this post,love your quilts,you are so clever.
    Boy what fun bike riders,i think i would fall off those,lol.
    Love your nature pics my friend ,must remember to email off my iternery to you today.xx

  18. Absolutely lovely quilts and what fun that must have been to see those high bicycles :)

    Happy 15th--here's to many more years filled with love and laughter!

  19. I'm glad you got the photos of the quilts done...they are just beautiful! And love the flower pics too.....awesome bicycle pics too!

  20. Your sampler of Baltimore style blocks is oh so pretty. I like making a variety of applique blocks for a quilt. So much to look at.

  21. Wow - are you happy with those quilts? They are so beautiful. And I love all your pictures - I love seeing the bikes, how fun! Such a joy to read your post.


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