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Sunday, October 22, 2017

I have returned!

I've been on two absolutely wonderful trips,  and I'm having a little trouble getting back to realilty!

The first trip was a lovely quilt retreat, with 23 other quilters on Cape Cod!  In addition to making a quilt as a class, we visited a couple of quilt shops, a cranberry bog, and a National Seashore.  My room overlooked the ocean, and I took a nice long walk on the beach each morning.

The top is now finished, and it's in the 'waiting-to-be-quilted' pile

access to the beach here is several stories above the water

two seals playing in the surf

After returning from the Cape, I had two days to do laundry and repack for a trip out west.  I took hundreds of pictures, so I'll just share a couple of the highlights.

Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD

Little church on the prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead

50 foot sculpture-Dignity.  I'm going to make this quilt!!
South Dakota Badlands

Peak Fall color in Spearfish Canyon

Roughlock Falls
A little snow the night before made it chilly

Gorgeous fall colors

Crazy Horse Memorial

along Needles Highway

Buffalo/Bison in Custer State Park, SD
Anyone still out there?  At some point, I'll probably add more pictures to one of my pages, but I think this is plenty for now.

I've been on a sewing binge the past few days, trying to catch up on a few small projects.  My Pfaff has decided that it doesn't want to sew (again) so Flossie the Featherweight is doing the job.

Keep on stitching!     Sunny

Geographic center of the US

Devil's Tower


  1. Good to see you back though I have been following your journeys a bit on fb... glad you had a good time away and love seeing your pics! xx

  2. Looks like a great time from both trips. Lovely scenery of course!!

  3. It looks like you have really been having fun!!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Hope you find lots of time to sew now and that your machine problems get resolved. ~Jeanne

  4. Look at all those great pic's! No wonder you've been missing for so long... you've been having a grand time! I really like the Dignity statue and quilt.

  5. Oh loved seeing your lovely photos...love the little Church on the Prairie. Your quilt is lovely x

  6. That quilt you made is just gorgeous hon!!! Jealous of your trip to the Cape - wow what a contrast in trips, eh? You've racked up some miles! Gorgeous pics!!!

  7. Good Morning Sunny! I'm so happy to see you have been having so much fun. Wonderful pictures. I believe this is my favorite quilt you have done. (Until you post a picture of the next one and it will be my favorite! hahaha)

  8. I've been meaning to tell you I love the new header picture. I couldn't tell if it's a photo or a painting.

  9. Ohh--that last photo of Devils tower is really pretty with the color of that tower and then those gold leafs in front--pretttttyyyy!!! All the photos are just lovely and I am soo glad that you got to go on both trips--how many states have you now visited???
    and yes I can see where it would be hard to get back into the normal things in life--
    enjoy the moments, di

  10. oh what lovely trips and great set of photo's...

  11. What a great time you've been having. Love that quilt top!

  12. Hi Sunny wow your pics are amazing ,love that one in your header,so glad you had 2 awesome trips my friend xx

  13. Two wonderful trips! One in my old stomping grounds and one still on my bucket list! Glad you had a good time. Certainly enjoyed your pics along the way!

  14. It looks like you have enjoyed some fun travels. I can't wait to see that finished quilt!! It will be stunning.

  15. Two words Derulo trips for sure . Your quilt is gorgeous and I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip our west, awesome!

  16. Wow Sunny so many great pics... well done!
    The Dignity sculpture is quite amazing, what a presence it is... & Cape Cod was a great time for you too... oh all these travels!

  17. Wow...that sculpture is beautiful! Looks like a great area to visit! :0)

  18. I enjoy seeing your photos on FB but it's nice to read a blog post with a little more detail! Your quilt retreat sounds wonderful and I like the finished top you have from it. And your other trip - wow, so many great photos :-) [of course my fav photo has to be the Dignity sculpture!]

  19. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !



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