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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wrapping up January

January has been a very productive month in my sewing room.  Partly because of my new white Featherweight.  I started piecing and just couldn't stop!! 

This past week was spent finishing the place mats for Meals on Wheels that I started last week.  I ended up with 14 in total.  Thirteen of them are very simple, with some nice fabric that was given to me last week. 

Number 14 was made from two leftover churn dash blocks which were made from leftover fabric from another project.  I should mention that all the place mats are rectangular, but the photos are taken from a bad angle.
The two quilts from this fabric are now quilted and bound, and will be handed off to charities next month.

The larger one was quilted with a simple all-over design, and on the smaller one I quilted in the ditch around each churn dash.  

This little guy was quilted and bound yesterday.  I started it at retreat back in November.  It's only about 12" square, so the quilting and binding didn't take long!

For the UFO Challenge for our small group, we don't actually have to FINISH a project,  but list some progress that we'd like to make.  This month we had to do our #2 item, which for me was to make 12 Farmers Wife blocks.  I started this quilt back in about 2012? with another blogger, and as often happens, we didn't make it very far.  I have a real penchant for starting sampler quilts and not following through.  
There are now 24 blocks made, and I'm not sure how far I'll go with this.  I might just make enough blocks to make a small quilt, or I might get ambitious and make all of the blocks.  My hope is that now that I've started again, I'll continue to make blocks.  Along with my older BOM's, maybe I'll just make blocks this year, and not worry about too many finishes for a few months.  

Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks, and I've got my projects planned and prepped.  I usually start NEW things at retreat, but not this time!  Okay, well maybe one new start.  But it's from leftover fabric from another quilt, so does that count?

Wrapping up blue for RSC this week also.  I made two blocks for my pile, and some scraps of fabric came my way, and there may be enough new blues to make one more block tomorrow!

According to our local newspaper, the ice jam on the creek "melted peacefully away on Tuesday".  Of course I didn't go that day, so when I drove out there on Wednesday, I got a few pictures of a very muddy creek with log jams instead of ice jams!  The ice couldn't stand up to three days with temperatures near 60 degrees and then nearly an inch and a half of rain.
Monday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon

Happy Stitching!!!!       Sunny


  1. nnooo, you missed the breakup?! I was so looking forward to your pics Sunny, LOL.
    So much fab sewing there!

  2. It melted peacefully away.... what a sweet way to descirbe the ice! :-) I can't believe you are donating your churn dash quilts... you have such a generous heart. The placemats for Meals on Wheels.... do the recipients keep them? This is so cool!!! I really like the blue and brown mini. I'm struggling to put a binding on a mini I made recently; I have removed a binding twice already. I have received some expert advice and will try again this week. Happy Stitching!!

  3. Sooo sorry you missed the ice breakup but you have been super busy! Such great projects and pretty socks too! Glad you had a minute to put your feet up. ~Jeanne

  4. I recently purchased a replacement bulb for one of my featherweights. What a difference the LED light makes.

  5. Wow--you have been on a stitching streak there--14 placemats for meals on wheels--that is great--love your blue blocks and you know i love the 2 churn dash quilts!! the blue and brown civil war quilt is so cute and those are neat colors together and I was always going to do the Farmers wife quilt--but I never even got to buying the book!! so hope you keep going with that one--
    enjoy, di

  6. Lots of lovely sewing keeping you busy, love your blue blocks.

  7. I want to start the Farmers Wife quilt but I have so many block quilts on the go I should really wait. I hope to finish some projects this year so I can start some new ones...

  8. What beautiful projects!
    Love the caramel and blue stars especially and your knitted socks are fantastic

  9. Oh no you missed the meltdown! No wonder because you've been sew busy making all the placemats, finishing your Quilts , making yourRSC blocks and prepping for your retreat...

  10. I keep forgetting to tell you that I love your header picture. I remember when you started the Farmer's Wife blocks. I thought about doing them too, I just knew I wouldn't have time. At least you are plugging away at them. You did good finishing up all those placemats and the three quilts.

  11. I love that little blue and brown quilt! :0)

  12. The placemats are such a great idea for Meals on Wheels. It sounds like you have had some fun sewing days.

    I'm sorry that you missed the ice break.

  13. I really need to do a churndash one day - I love yours... pity you missed the ice break.. next time? xx

  14. That is a huge list that you have accomplished last month. Lovely to see the two churn dash quilts finished. And that is a stack of place mats for Meals on Wheels. Well done on all your projects.
    I am not surprised the ice melted with those temps. Regardless, your toes look warm!

  15. Wow wow wow - so many great projects!!! Love those churn dashes, so perfect. Sorry you missed the ice breakup! And I adore your socks!!!!

  16. You made great progress. This is really pretty!



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