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Sunday, April 1, 2018

March OPAM

Easter Sunday is winding down at our house, following a very lazy day and a delicious dinner prepared by my personal chef.  I hope all that celebrate had a blessed day.

I started seeing OPAM posts early on the 30th, and after looking around, realized that once again, I did not have a finish for the month.  At least this month, I was close, and didn't have to start a new project.  I spent the better part of two days quilting this little guy.  It's very dark out, and the quilt holder has gone to bed, so I'll try for better pictures tomorrow.  Unless it's snowing. 

It's wool applique on cotton, and after I started quilting, I realized that I had never added the outer border!  I went this far, added the applique, put it aside for a couple of weeks, and forgot that it needed another border.  Maybe next time.

Most of what I"m working on are blocks for BOM's and mysteries, so I don't have a lot to show.  But I am making progress!  Now that retreat season is over, I hope to get a ton of quilting finished, and finish some small quilts.  I don't quilt or bind at retreat, so I get a backlog.

There is snow in our forecast for tomorrow, but since it's 11 pm and 49 degrees, I don't think the roads will be a problem tomorrow.  We had our first major snow of the season about 10 days ago, amounting to about 12 inches.  Lucky me - I got to shovel it!

The snow is all gone and yesterday was a beautiful day, so we went for our first wildflower hike.  We actually spent much of our time driving down dead end roads trying to get close to a very elusive flower that's found in only one area in the state.  The nearest parking we could find was a 4 mile walk one way, so we didn't tackle it.  Yet.  Maybe Sunday, armed with a new plan.  We did find a few flowers though, and were just happy to be outdoors with our cameras.  More flowers should be blooming soon.
Lesser periwinkle

common grape hyacinth


I was especially happy to find the bloodroot, since it's usually finished blooming by the time we start hiking and looking.

Off to bed now.  Another very busy week on tap, and I need my beauty sleep.

Stitch on.............Sunny

more bloodroot


  1. A pretty finish Sunny..
    Love the flowers you took photos of on your walk..
    Sleep tight.

  2. Lovely quilt Sunny. Like the idea of a personal chef! Beautiful blooms xx

  3. Hi Sunny such a lovely quilt,well done and love your pretty flower pics xx

  4. Beautiful quilt and lovely flower photographs. Great on the finish for OPAM. :)

  5. No snow!!! I hope the weather forecast is wrong...lol. Your quilt looks pretty as is; forget that border. Love your nature shots.

  6. What a pretty quilt--and all my colors!!!
    I really thought that first flower photo was what is called crepe mytle--that is a vine like type plant--was this plant on a vine or is it something different--????
    enjoy, di

  7. Yay for Bloodroot, one of my personal favorites! Your little quilt looks just fine without that border! I love it.

  8. The flowers are so pretty in spite of the chilly forecast.

  9. Well done on your finish. I wouldn't have even known there was another border to go. It looks good as it is.
    Good luck in your flower search.

  10. Oh wow that little quilt is too darling!!! Well done! It's snowing on my crocuses today, feels like spring will never come, but the earth is waking up - not so many flowers as you have, but they're coming. Lovely pics hon!

  11. Beautiful photos of the flowers. Just been reading back over some of your blog. Where in the US is Maryland? My geography is not good.

  12. OOOh that bloodroot is so pretty/cool. I think this quilt you finished is one of the prettiest I've seen you do. I just really like it, the design and the colors.

  13. Hello Sunny ... just popping over for a visit. Lovely to see signs of spring popping up in your part of the world. Your wool applique is just beautiful ... love the colours!


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