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Sunday, July 15, 2018

I Love Retirement!!

Life is good.  Since my last post, there has been a Retreat, a short vacation, some kayaking, some wildflowers, lots of stitching, good food and good friends.  How did I ever find time to work?

I managed to make two small quilt tops at retreat, but I'll wait until they're quilted to show them.  I also worked on some blocks for an ancient BOM.  My plan is to have all the blocks finished by the end of the year, preferable sooner.

I tested this pattern for a quilter/designer friend, and as a thank-you, she quilted it for me.  It's the first time I've ever had anything quilted.  I've had the fabric for ages, and it went together nicely.

Finally finished my RSC17, yes, that's 17!  I put this top together as all one quilt at an earlier retreat, and decided the size was ridiculous, so I carefully separated it into two tops, and they finally made it to the top of the to-be-quilted pile.  They will be going to the Sheriff's Department for the deputies to hand out as needed.

Next up is my May Heart quilt.  The challenge was to applique one heart per day during the month of May,  I made a few extras and I'm very pleased with the result.  The sashing/binding/backing was a chunk of fabric that a friend gave me a couple of months ago when she was cleaning out her stash.  Perfect for this quilt!!

And these little pretties were made for the 4th of July/Independence Day.  Pinterest can be a dangerous place.  I have at least two more on my list for next year!

I'm back in quilting mode, so should have a few oldies to show soon.  One is my UFO for our next meeting, so I have to get busy.  It's not going to be quick and easy like most of mine.

Did I mention vacation and kayaking and wildflowers?  I'll leave you with a few of my favorite images.
Woodland sunflower

This was taken the day that the final group of boys were rescued from cave in Thailand.  So appreciative of blue sky, fresh air, sunshine and clean water.
Cincinnati skyline at dusk
Skylift to Natural Bridge in Kentucky

any ideas?  Natural Bridge Kentucky

Another view of Skylift on the way down

View from overlook in Daniel Boone National Forest

Fleabane and bug

And now back to stitching....... Sunny

Best.  Cheeseburger.  Ever!


  1. What a collection, beautiful work. I know exactly what you mean about fitting a job in. Glad you are enjoying your retirement :)

  2. Wow--I am tired just reading about all you have done lately--I am so happy for you--
    love love those 2 crayon quilts--I might have to work on one next year for the color of the month!!
    and I love how your heart quilt came out--I am working on mine--at least the pink set--still stitching the blue/color ones!!
    love the nature photos too of course--always love your photography--and where is my cheeseburger????
    enjoy, di

  3. Pretty, pretty quilts and gorgeous pictures! I really like the pattern you tested for a friend. And I think I'd like that cheeseburger! So glad you are enjoying your retirement - it's a great life! ~Jeanne

  4. Oh well done for getting all the hearts done!!! All your quilts are so pretty, and how nice to be donating some of them.. glad you are enjoying retirement!! xx

  5. You are enjoying retirement.. You'er definitely not bored....
    Nice table runner and I like the design. Love the crayons quilts and may join in RSC19 and like Di said do them.
    Cute Hearts and great Independence day projects....
    Always love going out and about with Myron and you.

  6. Lovely hearts and crayon quilts, also the table runner looks great. Retirement is the best stag of life hehe.

  7. Lovely that you are enjoying your retirement so much... after working you deserve it.... lovely quilts - those rainbow crayons are fantastic...

  8. Love the projects you have been working on Sunny! Glad you are enjoying retirement! Beautiful photographs too! Christine xx

  9. We’re two peas in a pod! Wouldn’t we have fun together? Love all your nature pics. Always do! Pinterest has turned out to be an excellent resource. Enjoyed seeing your patriotic projects. Your other finishes are wonderful. Keep up the good work! Glad you’re enjoying retirement. It’s the best thing I ever did!

  10. You are really getting stuff done! Retirement looks good on you. I am retired and tend to get lazier and lazier! Love all your pic's!

  11. I'm so jealous, I want to be retired! So nice to see all that you have done. I especially love the fourth of July pillows.

  12. Hello Sunny ... gosh you have achieved SO much! I got breathless just reading it all! Love everything you have created but my favourite would have to be the 4th July cushions ... just gorgeous!

  13. You have so many great projects here, but I absolutely LOVE those RWB pillows. Those are fabulous.

  14. Wow gorgeous quilts!!!! What a blessing you are to do that for the Sheriff's Dept. I know what you mean about finding time to ever work, lol...love your nature pics!!!

  15. Very nice. Retirement obviously agrees with you.

  16. Hi Sunny congrats on your retirement,i always love seeing your beautiful work,love your nature pics,thankyou for sharing xx

  17. I love that you are having so much fun. Kayaking and time to sew, what's better than that. I have been retired for a few years now, but having Steve home is such a blessing, now we can actually do things together. He is riding a "high" on retirement :)

  18. Hi Sunny, look at all you achieved! Beautiful stuff along with wonderful outings, etc. We have the wild sunflower and fleabane here on my property as well- in bloom presently. Happy Stitching and outings.


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