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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Quilting is Happening

I know, I know.  I just posted a couple of weeks ago, and I'm back already.  Much quilting is happening here.  I have to finish a quilt for my UFO challenge for our small group, and I deliberately put it at the BOTTOM of the to-be quilted pile.  I'm hoping to get the entire pile finished!  Cheer me on, please.

Unfortunately, things like this come along.  I saw this in (one of my) new books, and I knew I had the perfect fabric for it.  So what's a girl to do?  Clear a space on the sewing table and get busy!!  This is in Edyta Sitar's Patches of Blue.

And then there was this!  I saw a picture on FB, and immediately had to have one.  The one I was was in blue, and if I ever do it again, it will be blue.  But my little neutral fabric had specks of red, so I went with red.  The baskets are 2 inches!!!

The next two are charity quilts from the scrap bin.  I try do make a small quilt nearly every month in the RSC colors.  I give you Red and Teal.

The teal is a larger version of a Pam Buda pattern, and was pieced at my recent retreat.  The red is supposed to look like plaid, but my color selection was a fail.  However, it made a nice cozy little quilt.

Speaking of RSC, here are my orange blocks for August.  I'm sticking with lighter values this year.

There are two other quilts in process of quilting.  I didn't like the way one border was coming along, so ripped it out, and have to start over.  And I got too tired to finished another small quilt last night.

In other news, the wildflowers are still blooming, and there are a lot of butterflies to be found!

What's happening in your sewing room?       Sunny


  1. Can't say alot is happening in my sewing room this month--but there is some other things happening around here so that slows me down--I did just do apost though!!!
    Love all your projects---and I love gingerbread men and they do lovely in blue--
    and those photos are really good ones again!!
    Keep stitching and posting--
    enjoy, di

  2. I love your little quilts and very impressed with those tiny baskets... I struggle to get corners neat in little pieces. beautiful flowers and butterflies...

  3. Sunny, you have been busy once again. I love the chain type Pam Buda quilt and the red sunflower one you did! I still love the sunflower piece that you gifted to me. :-))

  4. You sure are on a roll Sunny.. Love it when you put your quilting pile aside to make new pretty little quilts....
    WOW those baskets are really tiny.
    Always enjoy seeing your beautiful flowers . butterflies and bees. Interesting Fungi too.

  5. Compared to you, Sunny, there isn’t much going on in my sewing room! But your machine is certainly smokin'! Lovely pictures of flowers and butterflies today.

  6. The butterflies are gorgeous - looks like a swallowtail but it's blue? Lots of nice projects on the go - I like your RSC projects. xx

  7. The sunflowers and basket quilt is a hit with me. Love sunflowers!

  8. The quilts are all so cute. I love the little baskets and that nine patch arrangement is delightful. Of course, your nature pictures are always fabulous and so detailed.

  9. Wow, you are on a roll. They all look so good.
    Yes, I will cheer you on. Good luck.

  10. Ha Ha Sunny, you & me both seem to have the same issue with sporadic blog posting!
    Great little quilts using the RSC colours... I've fallen quite behind with RSC & have only just sewn the May colour & ready to start with the June colours, oops!
    Those little baskets are just so tiny & super cute, well done it looks wonderful.

  11. Oh! That dreaded “to be quilted pile”! I have one too, and like you there is always another project that comes along and grabs my attention. You do have some very pretty quilts completed. I especially love your basket and sunflower quilt!
    You take the most awesome nature photos!

  12. Hi Sunny wow you make the most beautiful projects,your work is amazing ,i always love seeing your beautiful pics,you are very clever with fabric and your camera. xx

  13. Wow girl, I'll say you've been busy! Love them all - that plaid one does come across as plaid, love the teal as well. Butterflies everywhere here too, I've seen more monarchs this year than in years past! Also seeing way too many funnel spiders, lol. Great pics!

  14. Love all your quilts... wow, 2" baskets!! So cute!! Not much sewing for me until I get home again I think... though I "need" to do a few quilts before I leave.. sigh.. .let's see how I go. Those fungi pics are amazing, by the way... xx


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