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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 Catch-up and Close out

 I see a lot has changed here since I last  posted.  I was just reading some blogs, and thought I might give it a try again.  If anyone is still out there, pop in and say Hello!

As many of you are aware from reading Facebook, I lost my husband in early July.  It wasn't COVID, but because of the COVID situation, he was unable to get decent health care.  And while hospitalized twice, he was allowed no visitors.  I'm grieving, and carrying a LOT of anger!  But...I have never been more aware of how much love there is in the world.  Certainly in my world.  I am strong, and I will carry on.  

We lost a cat, and gained a new one in March of2019.  Miss Harley chose to live her entire life on the first floor of our 3 level townhouse.  In early October of this year, she decided to join me on the second floor, in the living room!  She loves people, and is finally adjusting to that OTHER cat.

Her usual position, LOL!

There's a squirrel on the deck!!

I stopped sewing for several months this summer, but now it's the only thing keeping me sane!  I moved my sewing room, and it is so much cozier and more efficient.  I finished this memorial quilt for my sister early during Lockdown.  It's made from our dad's shirts.  

And I recently finished one for my brother.  Are you seeing a theme here?
Finished version

Following a Design Wall Malfunction

I now have a beautiful design wall, that is properly attached to the wall, so there will hopefully be no further malfunctions.

My other recent finish is the result of a block exchange with 9 other quilters.  The quilt is made of 64 embroidered blocks.  It is based on a quilt that resides in the Virginia Quilt Museum.  I chose to quilt and finish mine similar to the original, although mine is machine quilted.  The prairie points are hard to see because they're up against a pink design wall.  I hope to get better pictures soon, but I'm quite pleased with the quilt!!

The finished quilt

a close up of the edging

One of my extra blocks

I think that's enough for now.  Perhaps I'll be back in a few days?



  1. Sorry about your DH, you have every right to be angry.

    Welcome back to blogging, it's a good place to keep in touch these days, and to vent when you need to. I like your quilts, and have never done prairie points. They suit your quilt very well.

  2. Nice to 'see' you! I'm truly sorry for your loss and I really do understand. I'm not blogging but I continue to read blogs every day.

    Gentle hugs!

  3. I’m so sorry, Sunny. I would be angry as well. I understand the reasoning of the restrictions, but it they have been disastrous for the ill and their family members. I’m so glad that you have felt the love of many. Your sewing and creativity will certainly help you through this. Your memory quilts are beautiful and touching for your siblings.

  4. Lovely to see you blogging again Sunny, i have also returned after a long break. I am so sorry for your loss. Quilting and sewing and blogging are a wonderful Friends. Beautiful memory quilts.

  5. Sunny! I have missed you! So very sorry to hear about your husband 😢 This Covid scene is horrible. I completely understand about the health care as we are dealing with the system too as David found out that he has cancer again. I've been sick too and fell out of blogging but I keep hoping to return to it. Hugs, Shelley

  6. So glad you are making it back to blogging Sunny!!!! I miss seeing and talking with you at our guild meetings. I do understand your anger and it can eat at your being......it is at mine and I am trying to overcome it. I will talk to you sometime about it....take care and God Bless

  7. Welcome back to the blogosphere! I’ve seen you occasionally on FB, and knew of your husband’s passing. So sorry for your loss, Sunny! And I had hoped to meet you both one day! But I’m glad you’re keeping sane by sewing, which is just what I’m doing. Those remembrance quilts from your dad’s shirts are lovely - in every way! xo

  8. Glad you are back. So sorry to hear about your DH, I think anger is quite normal. I'm happy that you are sewing again. It really is therapy for me and I hopefully for you too. Your memorial quilts are beautiful. The block exchange quilt is lovely too. It's nice to hear that you have a new sewing space and design wall. You are moving in the right direction. Bless you. ~Jeanne

  9. OH! What a wonderful surprise Sunny..... Sew pleased to have you pop up.....
    Sew good that your sewing is your happy place...
    Love the quilts you made from your Dad's shirts . How annoying about the display board mishap...
    A pretty quilt you made form the embroidered blocks...

  10. Oh dear Sunny! I had no idea about your husband. I am so sorry and feel sick on my stomach after reading this. I’ve thought about you several times throughout the year and wondered how you were doing. Your quilts are beautiful, as always. Please stay in touch. 😘

  11. Oh sweetheart - I had no idea - I am so so sorry!!!! I will be praying for you....

  12. Hi Sunny i am so sorry to read about your loss,my heart goes out to you and sending you a big hug my friend. I am glad that you are back sewing as your work is amazing,take care my friend and I am glad that you are back blogging .Cheeers Shez xx

  13. HI Sunny........so pleased you popped back in........sorry to hear you lost your husband.....covid sure has complicated all other health care in its wake also......
    you quilts are beautiful.......I love the quilt design and in the process of making one myself.......
    glad you have changed around your sewing space to make it work better for you......hope to see you posting again soon....

  14. Dear Sunny:
    You know from following my blog that I'd truly be lost without my husband. I can't imagine the loss (and anger) you must feel. Please know that you're on my heart as your grieve your beloved's passing. I'm not sure I could even function were I in your position.

    Your quilts are beautiful, and your family will treasure the gifts you made to memorialize your Dad. Before I left my Dad's for the last time, I took all the shirts and suits from his closet. My plan is to make handbags from his suits and pillows from his shirts. So far, I can't even look at them without crying. His passing is still too fresh. Perhaps later this year. (It's not like I don't have other projects I need to tackle first.)

    I'm glad I stopped by today. I'll be back again for sure!


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