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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Snowy Days!

 Yes, we got snow.  Again.  I think the official total for our town is just over 10 inches.  If you're a weather wimp like me, that translates into a lot of stitchy time.  I'm old and retired, and I just don't go out on snowy roads anymore.  It snowed all day on Sunday and Monday, and I swept off the sidewalk a couple of times.  Once it piled up too much, I just left it for the HOA guys to deal with.  

Most of my time the last couple of weeks has been spent on a cross stitch project, Sew By Row by Lori Holt.  I will probably finish it later today.  I have nearly finished the last row since I took this photo.

When I cut my fabric, I didn't allow enough extra on the sides to be able to frame this, so it will be made into some kind of wall hanging, with a fabric border.  Naturally, it will go in my sewing room!

I also made a little wall hanging for my bathroom, which is being redecorated.  I chose the colors to coordinate with an extra shower curtain that I've had.  But once I hung the curtain up, I don't like it, and it's way too short!  I'm currently working on Plan B.  I already had the pegboard, so I'm trying to work with that in  some way.

And while I haven't officially linked to RSC21, I am going to be working with my rainbow of scraps this year.  I made some pink hexies in January.

I've also been reading more and trying to cook more.  There have even been some new recipes!  Life is good!

Keep on stitching,



  1. That’s a lot of snow. You wouldn’t catch me out in it either. Your Lori Holt stitchery looks wonderful. I also like the little houses. That’s a great idea! Sweet little pink hexes for January too!

  2. Oh! Sunny! Your x stitch is beautiful! I like your lil houses quilt hanging, too. I’ve seen a couple posts about the RSC21 challenge. Looks fun! Enjoy your snow!

  3. I do love your snow photos but I agree , too cold to be out in....
    Such a beautiful Row by Row cross stitch....
    I like your pretty haouses and hexes too.

  4. Such pretty snow photos! We got about 8 inches and everything sparkles outside in today's sunshine. Lovely cross stitch piece and your little wall hanging is very cute. I am working on a hexie quilt for my grandson--first quilt ever (and probably my last--ha ha!!). I've gotten all the hexie flowers made--now to stitch them together. After that, I'm lost--may need to consult my quilting friends :)

  5. Beautiful row by row cross stitch, love your hexies, cute houses.

  6. All that snow sure is a good excuse to stay inside and stitch!
    Lovely work with your cross stitch. I think a wall hanging will work well.
    Love the one you made for the bathroom, Too.
    And great work with your hexies.
    Does our HOA do most of the yard work for you or just the paths?

  7. Sunny! You are back! Sorry I haven’t been reading blogs, I don’t always have internet service while traveling. I’m so happy to see your projects and hear about your life. Lori Holt always has the best designs. I need a new cross stitch project. A SAL would be fun.

  8. It snowed here and we stayed in too!
    Great excuse to keep warm and do some crafting.
    Row by Row is looking great.

  9. I really like it and I hope there is something new


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