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Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Goals!

The CG&GQC isn't asking for official goals and finishes for May and June, but I'm doing well with setting goals and deadlines, so I"m putting mine in writing.

In May, I will complete:
1. finish quilting and binding my Turning Twelve.
2. make 3 brown-bag exchange blocks
3. May row for BOM mystery quilt
4. finish 5 BOM blocks - I'm getting so far behind!!
5. start and finish a seasonal wall-hanging to replace the snowman on the wall!
6. quilt and bind the Garden Twist

Okay, that should keep me busy for the month. I'll be travelling part of the month, so I'll take crocheting along with me so I can be productive on the trip. Anne from Bunny Hill pasted about a pink afghan that she was making, and I HAD to have a pink afghan. Sunny, step away from the blogs . . . . .


  1. I'm like you- I work better with goals, especially if I write them down. Good luck!

  2. WOW you have set yourself a large target. Good Luck.
    Sunny leave the snow man it is nearly Xmas. LOL

    I agree Sunny. Maria get offfff the computer.

  3. I'm like you Sunny I like writing down my goals. I've gotten so much more done since joining the CG&GQC. Good luck with these projects and post pictures!

  4. What great goals - hope you have a great month of sewing!


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