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Sunday, September 19, 2010

On Holiday - Day 1

I have run away from home.  I have run away from work.  I am taking a short vacation all by myself.  That means I can choose the radio station.  I can drive with the sunroof open.  I can stop at as many scenic overlooks or antique shops or quilt shops as I want to.  And not feel guilty.  Hubby is pretty good at doing these things with me, but I always feel guilty when he gets bored and sits reading in the car.  So today, I left home with no specific destination in mind.  I'm driving back roads in Virginia. Just as I was leaving town, I got a call from my friend Mary, who wanted me to meet her in a nearby town to hit some thrift shops and antique shops.  Here is the loot.  I bought three of the plates that are in the background, some hankies for my quilt mentioned earlier, and some very pretty buttons.  As we were leaving one shop, the shopkeeper pointed out a basket filled with jewelry pieces for $1.00 each.  What fun!

After parting with Mary, I drove miles out of my way to stop at this overlook.  I was the only person there, and it was so awesomely silent.  I could actually hear leaves falling.  If the gnats hadn't been so annoying, I would have pulled out some needlework and stayed for awhile.

Cacapon Mountain Overlook
Then I drove through several small towns and stopped at a few more antique shops.  There were several items that I would have liked, but I couldn't spend all my money on the first day!  This flower was on a plant in a giant pot outside one of the shops.  Does anyone know what it is?  It's probably about 6 inches in diameter.

I have several guidebooks with me, and one lead me to this Covered Bridge that wasn't far off my route. It's the longest covered bridge still in operation in Virginia.

Meems Bottom Bridge
The last stop of the day was a bookstore, where I was searching for a book on Teas.  I didn't find what I was looking for, but I bought a couple of Christmas gifts!  Now I'm settled in for the night, and I'm going to plot out my route for tomorrow, and then do some crocheting or cross-stitching before going to bed.  I brought another quilt that needs the binding stitched down, but my fingers are still sore from Friday night.  I did buy a couple of new thimbles to try!


  1. OH MY--I wished I was a little fly or mouse and could follow you around on this trip!!! I am going to do the same thing this summer --somehow--course I have to find some to drive me---but just gonna head out and where ever we go we go--and if something is fun happening in town or a quilt shop--we will stay!!!
    Love all your treasures so far---have fun and stay safe!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. You are a lucky girl! Good for you...it is a trip that is good for the soul...I'd love to join you!

  3. Oh Like Di it would be good to join you on your wonderings.
    Lovely loot you got.
    Your Floewer is some sort of HIBISCUS I think.
    Catch up next time.

  4. And did you have a good station on the radio while you wandered? lOL

    Sounds like a wonderful day to me !!

  5. Lovely old stuff there! I have just sorted some very old hankies out,they are ready to be ironed,(Victorian table-cloth one day).
    Seems like you had a nice trip:-)

  6. AWESOME!!! I used to do that alot when I lived in CA (& I was single)...LOL!

  7. that flower looks like a Hibiscus - although I didn't know they could grow in that part of the country.


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