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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tending my garden while entering the 21st century

They're not completely stitched, but I know they'll get finished now that they're this far.

The reason the flowers aren't finished is because I was playing with my new toy.  Yes, I've finally come into the 21st century.  I'll even be able to read blog posts while I'm at work.   shhh..

I just have to figure out how to use it.  More to follow.

Counting my blessings....Sunny


  1. Hi Sunny
    You have made some lovely flowers this week..your garden is going to be beautiful...I would like to know more about your yo yo project,,Thank you for thinking of us Aussies with that lovely cooling Picture,,,Take care,,,Kate xxx

  2. Beautiful flowers!! Have fun with you new toy!

  3. Lovely flowers, I know all about spending time with your new toy. I like to play words with friends on mine.

  4. Very pretty blooms! I'm sure you will like your new toy a lot and become a very good friend with ;) I love mine so much and have to have it with me all the time. Another addiction! lol

  5. Fun new toy, but it's time to get back to your beautiful flowers!! :)

  6. Lovely flowers, Sunny. Your new toy sounds a bit beyond me, but hope you have fun with it!!

  7. If I were in the 21st century I would know what your toy is - but I don't!! LOL!! Im sure you will have loads of fun with it. And your flowers are awesome!!

  8. I think I like your flowers better than mine!!!
    you are using a more pink-pink fabs--than what the bliss ones are--so I may be making this one for a gift or donation and start a second one in the right "pinks" for me!!!!
    Hey I love your baby hats--they are cute!!!
    Have a great day--
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  9. Alway checking your blog on Wednesday/Thursday,
    Love you flowers:-)

  10. Hi SPJ. Love those Hexies.
    Enjoy your new toy.


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