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Friday, May 25, 2012

I miss Border's

DH and I are off on a little jaunt for the weekend, and we're staying just outside Pittsburgh tonight.  We'll spend tomorrow seeing the sights, as we haven't been here for almost 10 years.  Then we're going to do some kayaking on Sunday.  We've changed our minds several times about where we'll be going, and in times past, I would have spent a couple of hours at Border's, and we would have had a nice book to look at while we weighed our options.  We stopped into a B&N after dinner tonight, but I just don't like their stores as much as I loved Border's.  Their "Local Interest" section was seriously lacking.  But you know I wouldn't walk out empty handed!  (notice the lovely hotel bedspread background!)

In other news, my local Quilt shops were all having sales this weekend, and I wasn't going to be home!  Horrors!  Fortunately, one store started their sale on Thursday, and they're open until 7:00 in the evenings, so I was able to buy some pretties. 
a Nice little selection of Civil war prints

Yummy Blueberry Crumbcake.

I also forgot to show you the block I made this month for BSA.  I have 2 partners this month, and this is the first block.  I'll be doing the second one as soon as I get home.  And yes, Linda, I have communicated that to partner #2.
Well, the WiFi here is slower than molasses, and I still need to crochet a rectangle and read about Pittsburgh, so I'm outta here.

stitching and sightseeing to my heart's content.........Sunny


  1. Have fun on your weekend away. Love the flower at the end of post. What is it. Very Pretty.

  2. I agree - I miss Borders, too. Always loved spending time there.
    Please let me know what you enjoyed doing in Pittsburgh as we have talked about spending some time there in the next month.
    Glad you were able to grab some of the bargains at your LQS before going away!

  3. LOVELY fabrics and block, Sunny - enjoy your weekend!!!

  4. Glad you managed to go to the sale!! More piecefull weekend for you to enjoy:-)
    Love the Blueberry Crumble,great color range.

  5. Enjoy your weekend! Love Blueberry Crumble too.. Hugs

  6. Have a fabulous weekend Sunny.
    Love the fabrics. I have lusted over Blueberry Crumbs often. Love them.
    Great swap blocks too.

  7. Love those fabrics. Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful fabrics. I've been working on a Civil War quilt and have fallen in love with the beautiful fabrics available. Enjoy your trip.

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love the Blueberry Crumbcake...looks yummy! Neat block you made too. Have fun kayaking!

  10. Enjoy your weekend , love the fabrics you picked up , gorgeous!

  11. If you have time Mary, go visit Canonsburg (a suburb of Pittsburgh). Why? Well, Sarris Candies has the best chocolate around! And what quilter doesn't need chocolate now and then? There's really not much else to see in this little town that produced Bobby Vinton and Perry Como. But, Sarris is well worth the trip!


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