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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have been remiss.....

I could blame it on the Olympics  I guess.  Or that I had a tiny little procedure done last week that has caused some minor problems.  But it's time to stop making excuses and thank a few people!

This past week, I received a surprise package in the mail - for no reason.  How cool is that?  Now all I need is some cool weather to enjoy it.  I received this beautiful scarf from my friend Kate in Oz.
Kate has taken a break from blogging, but she assures me she's still sewing and knitting.  We keep in daily contract through Words with Friends.

Last week, I received another wonderful package, from Linda at Sew Nicely.  She recently celebrated a blogiversary, and I was one of the commenters on her post. She sent me a wonderful magazine from the UK, and a pocket calendar with beautiful pictures of Ireland.  Apparently the picture is on my other computer, so You'll just have to take my word for it.  Thanks Linda!

And I was the lucky winner of the drawing for the June prize for Christmas Through the Year.
It's the cutest little bag, and there was a little kit tucked inside to make my own fabric swatches!  I borrowed this picture from Cheryl of Polka Dots and Rick Rack.  Each month, Cheryl and Darlene of Quilting Daze shake their pom poms and cheer us on to make at least one Christmas gift per month so that when December arrives we'll be all ready for Christmas!  I've finished a gift six of the last seven months.  Bring on Christmas!

I just looked at the clock and realized that it's past my bedtime.  I have more to say, so I'll be back tomorrow.  Have a great week!

Contentedly stitching the summer away.....Sunny


  1. Great job with your Christmas gifts. Wish I had started doing the same thing, maybe next year!

  2. Suprise gifts are just the best! Your scarf would have plenty of wear over here as we have plenty of cool weather!

  3. Sunny that scarf is gorgeous,love the colours and congrats on your win.xx

  4. Well done on doing so many christmas gifts already.
    And isn't it lovely to receive gifts!

  5. Lovely scraf to keep off the chill this winter and congrats on the win. Love those flowers , what are they called ?

  6. Wonderful scarf, Sunny and congratulations on your win! Always fun to receive somthing in the mail.

    Delightful flowers!

    :) Carolyn

  7. how lovely to have surprises in the mail!

  8. You have received lots of lovelies in the mail...
    Hope you have a good sleep...

  9. What fun goodies you have been receiving. I am so impressed with your progress on Christmas gifts!

  10. Way to Go Sunny! You are doing so great with the Christmas gifts!

  11. Sunny you lucky thing receiving that gorgeous scarf, such lovely colours! I hope you are ok now... well done on your win!

  12. That scarf is simply gorgeousness


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