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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Squishy!

I didn't realize that I hadn't yet received my October BSA block, so it was a nice little surprise in the mailbox today.  Just look at all that dotty goodness!

My favorite neighborhood trees are in all their glory right now - the sun wasn't quite up, so You're not seeing the trees at their best.

But most of the trees look like this now.

So I'm off to see a few of these!

Keep on stitching......Sunny


  1. I could do with seeing a few of those too...cold, rainy France right now.

    Bon Voyage,


  2. Nice dotty block...
    I love the way your trees change..
    take care..

  3. Lovely dotty block , enjoy the palm trees and most importantly the heat ! Raining cats and dogs here today .

  4. OMG! Your trees are naked just like ours up north. LOL

  5. Have a safe trip--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  6. We are having such cold overcast weather today (Thursday) I sure hope your time here in CA is much warmer.

  7. Love that block! Our trees are all bare too. Enjoy the sight of the gorgeous palm trees, Sunny, I'll be saying prayers for your family hon.


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