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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A day at the Bay

My apologies to my friends Down Under, who are suffering from sweltering heat, and to my friends in the Midwest who are buried under snow.  Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it was a beautiful spring-like day.  A wonderful day to go to the Bay.  Officially, that would be the Chesapeake Bay, the largest, most productive estuary in the United States.  Around here, it's just The Bay.  There is one area I've always wanted to visit, but we never seem to find time.  Today was the day. 

Our first stop was in the small town of Deale.  We went to the city pier, took a few pictures, and asked a local gentleman where the best place to eat was.  He suggested the Happy Harbor, which we had just passed.  If you're ever in Deale, be sure to drop in for the fried oysters.  Oh My!!!!  I love this historical marker on their deck.

Next, we drove down to North Beach.  They have a lovely boardwalk, although not much beach!

We may have stopped into a little bakery for a sweet while we were walking around.  Chesapeake Beach is next in line, and it's a little more upscale than North Beach.  One of the bad things about the Bay, is that much of the property is private, so it's difficult for the common person to get close to the water.  This is very evident in Chesapeake Beach.  We did find a park just past town, so we took a short walk down to the water.  There were a few dogs chasing very large sticks, and several people hunting for shark's teeth along the edge of the cliffs.
As you can see, there's not much beach here, either!  When we left here, we drove around a couple more tiny towns, and then went to a favorite restaurant for dinner.  I was in the mood for a nice salad and some grilled shrimp.  Although that wasn't a choice on the menu, when I told the server what I wanted, she told me she would be happy to get it for me.  Now that's what I call service.

Now that I"m home watching football and reading blogs, it occurs to me that I haven't stitched today.  Gotta go!

What kind deed did you do today..............Sunny

(photo by Mr. Q.D.)


  1. What a beautiful afternoon to be out and about near the bay! You were in my neck of the woods today.

  2. What a lovely place to visit..
    Loved seeing what you did for the day...

    It is actully quiet pleasant here today too, not hot at all.
    I went for a long walk along the beach this morning ,then for a refreshing swim and brekky at the seaside cafe...
    got home,throw the towels in the machine and went outside to wash the front of the house and clean windows...
    Now it's time to peg the washing..
    Maria XX

  3. what a lovely day Sunny and love that sign in Deale,nothing happened,lol.lovely post.xx

  4. Love the bay! Best way to see it is by boat. We used to go swimming all the time at turkey point!

  5. What a fabulous place! I can't wait for spring to arrive here. There is something about the sea and sand that always draws me to it. Hugs x

  6. That looks like a perfect way to spend the day. Such a pretty spot and obviously no shortage of lovely places to eat.

  7. Thank you Sunny, for sharing such wonderful photos. I think that's one of my favorite things about blogs - seeing "places", especially places that I haven't visited in person.

  8. Sounded like a lovely day in every way , beautiful scenery and good food ,what more can you ask :-)

  9. Very pretty pictures... =D I LOVE the coastal waters. I've visited more the west coast of the US than the east coast. But, I've never been disappointed at the view, no matter the weather. =)


  10. what a really nice way to spend the day.

  11. It looks like spring out there today!!! we had nice temps here today too--was suppose to rain all day==but it didn't even sprinkle!!!
    glad you had fun--and good food--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  12. Your bay is very lovely. It must be just so relaxing to go there. What a wonderful place that made you the salad and grilled shrimp even though it wasn't on the menu.

  13. What a wonderful post, and beautiful pictures. Looks like the perfect day.

  14. Hello Sunny. I absolutely love your trip to the beach. So very lovely even at this time of year. I used to live in Chesapeake VA for one year and loved this area. This Winter has been unbelievably mild here in Michigan and I am enjoying it too. Hugs Judy

  15. What a gorgeous day. It was 77 here in NC yesterday. Of course as I leave this comment, it is blowing and raining like crazy and freezing!


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