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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Exploring Maryland–Part 2


Saturday was supposed to be about 50 degrees where we were headed.  It wasn’t.  And it was windy.  Rest assured that nobody had swimming in mind. 


It was a pretty, sunny day however, and we did some exploring along the lower Susquehanna River.  I didn’t take many pictures because it’s just not a pretty time of year, and I haven’t been able to post pictures, so I haven’t been blogging.

I’m trying a new product today, and will hopefully be able to insert pictures.  When I switched to Firefox a couple of weeks ago, it worked for two posts, and now I’m unable to access my dashboard.  How frustrating!  My wonderful friend Maria suggested Live Writer, and it looks good so far.

Not blogging allows for more sewing time, though. I'm nearly finished with two table toppers that I'm making for gifts, and I've completed and mailed a mug rug for a swap.


I'm crocheting a scarf for the Pink Scarf Project. There's a button on my sidebar if you'd like to learn more about this wonderful project, and perhaps contribute one as well. A scarf is a great project to work on in the car, because my ripple afghan was getting a little to large to work on in a confined space.

I was able to make some progress on my scarf yesterday as we took another little road trip to explore another part of our beautiful state of Maryland. The most important stop of the day was at Bear's Paw Fabrics.   It's a lovely little shop just north of Baltimore. The ladies in there were so friendly and helpful. They helped me find exactly what I was looking for. The store even has a small section of wools, which is very rare around here.

After a couple of false starts, and changes in plan, we found ourselves near the Conowingo Dam, on the lower Susquehanna River. Having never been there before, we stopped in to the Visitor's Center. Once again, we found someone who was very friendly and eager to help us. She directed us to a park below the dam, and told us that we would certainly see Bald Eagles. And so we did. I didn't think to take my 'big girl' camera today, so we're planning to go back with better cameras, big lenses, and tripods.

The waters just blow the dam make for excellent fishing for the eagles.  Click  HERE if you’re interested in more info on the eagles and other birds.  The largest number of eagles is found November thru February, so we’re planning to go back in a couple of weeks.  There was also hiking trail for wildflower viewing that I’m anxious to explore.

We headed south to the Susquehanna State Park, and found a nice walking trail there as well.  I’m sure it will be beautiful in the spring, but it was a little cool for walking this weekend.

Continuing south took us to the pretty little town of Havre deGrace, which is located right where the Susquehanna flows into the Chesapeake Bay.  We’ve been there many times before but found some improvements this time.  They were building a boardwalk/promenade several years ago that was wiped out by a hurricane.  Isabel maybe?  It’s now been rebuilt and extended and terminates at a new marina.  At the other end is the star attraction:


We had an early dinner  of seafood at the Tidewater Grille and then headed home. 

Today is my weekly ‘jammie day’ complete with sewing and football.  I love Sundays!  I hope to have pictures of my table toppers later today, and a couple of arrivals in the mail this week.  I’m crossing my fingers that this posts with pictures!

Be kind to yourself today………..Sunny



  1. Thank you for taking me on your lovely drive..
    Love your Valentine Mug Rug...
    Happy Knitting.
    Hope you are happy with Writer...I am...

  2. I have missed you in blog land. I have read that lots of people are having problems with blogger. Someone said things were better using Google Chrome but I am just posting on my iPad using the blogger app which is pretty crap.

  3. Lots of lovely pictures so it is so far so good ,never heard of this live writer must check it out as I have had a few issues lately too.I have used both google chrome and firefox and both worked for a while .Thanks for the wonderful scenery I enjoyed the drive ;-)

  4. Loved the ride-a-long. But, my interest was peeked by your cute Valentine's MugRug.

  5. Your Valentine Mug Rug is delightful...

    Thanks for the lovely pictures of a gorgeous day.

  6. Ohh--I love that 'pink' mug rug!!!!
    and you did a nice job of the photos--
    I have not had the big boy camera out in a long time--bad girl that I am!!!
    can't wait to see more eagle pictures--
    have a warm stitchy week!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  7. It is very frustrating when you want to post but nothing will co-operate! I hope it all sorts out soon for you.
    You chose a lovely area to explore. Good to see your photos.
    Good luck with all the sewing and crochet projects.

  8. Thanks for taking me on a lovely adventure with your gorgeous pics Sunny! Love that eagle, and also love the sound of jammies and stitching, when can I come over?! x

  9. Your pictures of your trip are just beautiful. I can see why no one was interested in swimming!!

    I loved your mug rug Valentine's Day.

    I have had major problems trying to upload my photos too. I have had to use Live Writer myself. There is always something new to learn. Grrr.

  10. Great photos, I don't think I have ever seen a Bald Eagle in person. That would be very exciting.

  11. Wow it looks lovely there. Bald Eagles... amazing!


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