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Saturday, July 20, 2013

FNSI Results

Friday night started out with a nice dinner out with DH, during which we watched a summer storm.  The winds howled, the thunder boomed, and we got nearly an inch of glorious rain!  The end of dinner coincided with the end of the storm, so we hurried home for me to get to stitching.


I began by putting the final touches on these two BOM blocks.  I’m now ready and waiting for the August block.


Then I finished the postcard I made for a swap.  It was my first postcard, and I was a little hesitant, but now I can’t wait to make more!

This is all I can show until the recipient receives it.  My partner is a little more efficient than me, and I received my postcard in the mail today.  Isn’t this wonderful?

The flower is awesome – enlarge the picture to see it more closely.  Thanks Linda!

I also did some cross stitching on Santa’s Village.  I couldn’t fall asleep, so I got up and stitched well into the night.  I’m several months behind, and my goal is to be finished by the end of the year.

Earlier this week, I received my June Inchies from a different Linda.


I really must decide what to do with all my pretty pinkness.  Any ideas?

Today brought more storms, so we stayed home, and I stitched some more!  I’m working on a swap item, and I decided to make two of the same thing, so I’ll have one for myself.  Pictures to follow in the near future.

Good night, my kind friends . . . SunnyIMG_5130


  1. lots of beautiful work there Sunny,well done.xx

  2. lol Can't keep a good woman down hey? Big storms, out for tea but still had time for FNSI. Super woman!!! Good going girl.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Lots going on at your place for Friday night. Can't wait to see your post card and I love those snowmen.

  4. Very dramatic scene for your dinner outing. Lots of great stitching done.

  5. Nice to have a good feed before starting stitching... your snowmen are just lovely and the postcard looks fun... nice to have yours.. it'll be fun seeing the different ones...

  6. You got lots done Sunny! I have never made a postcard, should try one day, they look fun! xxx

  7. Nice that you got the rain, but didn't have to run through it to get home again! Looks like you managed to get plenty done :-) Your snowmen are so cute!! Also I wanted to ask about your postcard...what materials did you use on yours to get it nice and stiff? I am going to be making some soon so am interested!!

  8. Sunny are your snowmen from Primitive Gatherings? I've been looking at that BOM and trying to decide if I want to spend that much money on it. :). Blessings, Marlene

  9. Our weather finally broke last night, too, and today feels much better, although still overcast. I'll be watching for your postcard. I just made my first recently and was on pins and needles until I heard it had been received. They are fun. Your snowmen are a delight; and they look cool:)

  10. Your postcard from Linda is just lovely and what I can see of yours is also sweet . You had a producive FNSI and so nice to have an evening supper out before starting .

  11. Sunny.....love the snowmen!! I'm doing that BOM too!!

  12. I wondered where all the rain we were suppose to get here had went???
    your house!!!!!
    love all your projects--
    I really need to do something new and different--I will keep thinking on that thought and hope the weather cools a bit!!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  13. Oh Sunny I would love to make postcards and swap them and your hexi's are so cute! I signed up for a hexi blog hop with Madame Samm to force myself to get going on making hexi's. Any advice?

  14. Can't wait to see your post card. I have never made one either but they do intrigue me.

  15. I love summer storms, when they're not destructive. Your snowmen are so, so cute, and I love the postcard you got, how fun!

  16. Your snowmen are cute and can't wait to see the rest of your post card///
    The one Linda made is awesome.. What a great idea for selvages.
    No sorry no ideas for hexie flowers.. I need to find what to do with mine. :(

  17. You have a wonderful blog Sunny. Love the snowmen blocks and you have received some lovely hexies and postcard.

  18. Oh heavens Sunny, why don't you get organised & make something, ha ha!
    The storms sound a bit exciting.
    I hope you will show some cross stitch pics soon x

  19. Sunny the postcard has the perfect saying on it for you. Tweet others with kindness - just so up your alley! The snowmen are coming along so nicely - just love them.

  20. Nice to have a good nourish before starting stitches... your own snowmen are only wonderful along with the postcard appears entertaining... wonderful to own the one you have.. it'll be fun discovering different kinds...Gold For RS
    WOW Gold

  21. Hi Sunny! I can`t believe I missed this post. So glad you like the postcard I made for you. It sure was fun. Thanks for the little sneak peek. Can`t wait to see the rest.

  22. Define 'postcard'?
    Is it just fabric on card?
    Can you write on it?



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