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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Flower Wednesday, OPAM

July was not a very productive month at my house.


I did manage to make a couple more flowers, and I took a break from pink.  These will be showing up in another project soon.

As for OPAM, I think all I finished was a postcard, and I haven’t heard that it was received yet, so I still can’t post the entire thing.

I hope it didn’t get lost in the mail.  I enjoyed making it so much that I’ve committed to making at least two more.  Thanks for the inspiration, Sheila!

Over the weekend, I made a couple of sunshines to add to the apron project from last weekend.


And speaking of sunshine, we have had some awesome summer weather this past week.  Before that we had a brutal heat wave, so the contrast with this nice weather makes it that much more enjoyable.  Now if it would just give me more energy!  I’ve been too tired to do much of anything lately, including blogging.  I’ve been reading your blogs, but not commenting much.  Hope to do more in the near future.

I’ll be joining in FNWF on Friday night, so maybe I’ll accomplish something then?

Be kind to yourself….Sunny




  1. We are having beautiful weather aren't we? I just wish I felt better. The photos of the deer are sweet.

  2. Nice blue flowers sunny..
    look forward to seeing the rest of your postcard and other projects.
    Will sew along with you Saturday night too. LOL
    Nice photos..

  3. wish we were having your weather its been so cold here,lovely hexies Sunny.xx

  4. I think a lot of us are feeling the same at the moment. It's certainly very quiet in blog-land and I know I am reading, but not often even leaving a comment.

  5. I experienced the same thing with the extreme heat; the humidity wipes me out. But your little flowers and sunshines are sweet and the white tail deer and bridge pics are lovely. Seeing beauty like that is the best.

  6. hmmmmmm....the postcard is looking rather sunny, Sunny! We, also, have been having some wonderful rain here. We live in Southwest Texas, which is dry and hot so this is a wonderful respite from the heat. Your flowers are pretty this week.

  7. Ooh love your suns!!! I hope the postcard gets there ok. I'm loving this cooler weather too, although all the rain makes me ache. Love your pics!!!!!

  8. Welcome to the club!!!
    of being soooo tired that you feel like you are going to fall asleep while walking to the bathroom!!!
    Love the blue hexies too--oh now I know why I haven't started another hexie quilt--I can't decide between
    whether to do a pink one or a blue one--oh and then there is purple--
    Alice would love that one!!!!!!!
    Hugs, di and that cat!!!

  9. I see you are to busy chasing deer, that's why you are too tired to sew. Love the deer photos. I haven't done much but I hope to do some sewing with you on FNWF.

  10. I love the blue hexies. And the pictures are so wonderful.

  11. Your hexies are so pretty and the post card is wonderful...the wildlife is a beautiful sight as well.


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