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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Second Chances, FNWF results, and a Quilt Show

Last night I was sewing along with my friends, and although I was  very tired, I was determined to get some stitching done.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m making two identical quilts, one for a swap and one for me.  Well, they will no longer be identical.  This pattern has given me several opportunities for ‘design challenges’.  It’s not difficult, mind you, My poor tired little brain just isn’t grasping some of the directions.  You know the saying ‘measure twice, cut once’?  Well sometimes you just have to step back and really think about what you’re doing before you do it.  The vision in my head was not what Eleanor Burns had in mind, and I didn’t want to go buy more fabric, so we’re improvising.  After moving past one hurdle, I had to do a little ripping and working past a second hurdle.  I think it should be very easy to finish now, but then I thought it would be easy from the start!  Or I wouldn’t have planned to make two. 
In addition to the two quilts, I finished two hexies for another swap.

Speaking of second chances, my postcard was finally received, so I can now show it.

Some how I missed the fact that we were supposed to have a Flower theme.  oops.  I made a couple more postcards last night, and used a flower theme to make up for this.  I’ll post  pictures of them once they’ve reached their destinations.  Hi Vickie and Chris!  No sneak peeks for you.  If anyone else wants to exchange postcards with me, let me know – they’re fun!!
After finishing two postcards, two hexies, and sewing and ripping on two quilts last night, I was too tired to post, but I was starting to compose this in my mind.  Then it occurred to me that I had watched a movie called Second Chances earlier in the evening.  For the second time.
The rain gods have been conspiring to keep us out of our kayaks the past few weekends.  We woke up to rain again this morning.  When DH asked what I wanted to do,   Ummmm….there’s a Quilt Show in the next town over!  Of course he wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but I bribed him with food and shopping, (he’s the shopper in the family, not me!), and off we went.
This is the real reason I wanted to go!  Have you ever met Cathi of Shakerwood Woolens?  You should.  She’s so sweet, and she has the most awesome booth, filled with all kinds of wooly goodness.  I met her last year at the Annapolis Quilt Show, where I bought a little wool and fell in love with it.  Not many stores around here sell wool, so I bought enough today for a couple of different projects.  Wool is so easy to work with, and the colors are scrumptious.
I’ll leave you today with a few quilt pictures from the show.  IMG_1372IMG_1374IMG_1375One of many verses on this quilt
IMG_1395IMG_1398IMG_1400I like this, but can’t imagine making that many snowballs.

Be kind to quilters….Sunny


  1. Thanks for the pics of the show.
    I am making Quilted Postcards for another hop I am participating in so I would love to swap with you.
    No theme required....just whatever.

  2. LOVE your postcard, girl!!! The quilts from the show are great - I can't believe that one coin quilt with the rick rack and flowers, I made a quilt just like it [my own pattern] several years ago. It lives with a friend in CA. that won it in an online raffle. I really had to look twice at that pic, lol!!!!

  3. thankyou for sharing and i love your postcard Sunny.xx

  4. I love working with wool too - I look for it everywhere I go. :) blessings, marlene

  5. You did have a busy night and I can relate to the ripping.. I did some too.
    Lucky you getting DH to take you to that lovely quilt show. Love the Giraffe.
    Yep love to swap a postcard with you Sunny..
    the one I received didn't have a flower either but I LOVE it as it is a Lighthouse....

  6. Well done...your postcard is lovely. Thanks for the tour...lovely quilts.

  7. your postcard could pass as a flower postcard. very cute.
    I knew when I saw that first photo it was Cathi's booth. I have met here and she has been to our guild. I love, love her wool and buy some every time I see her.

  8. I think the postcard you sent is in keeping with the flower theme - the sun doubles as a flower - depending on which way one chooses to view it. A postcard with a double meaning - Totally awesome!!! Which one of Eleanor's quilts are you making?

  9. What a neat giraffe quilt! Your postcard is very pretty, even if it wasn't a flower. The sun is kind of flower-ish:)

    I have the same seam ripper. I think it works great and is more comfortable if you do have to rip stitches out!

  10. That sun looks like a big ole yellow flower to me! Beautiful! I love second chances, don't you?

  11. Some great quilts! Definitely worth a trip to the quilt show!

  12. Oh, lovely red flowers and an excellent postcard!

  13. One needs the odd rainy day to keep up with other interests!! Thankyou for sharing the photos of the quilts. Your postcard is very sweet. I would love to swap postcards with you as well....but need a little breathing space first :-)

  14. I don't need a sneak peek now! I got your postcard! It's lovely. And now I might try making one of my own!


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