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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  Since Monday was a holiday, this week is going very fast.

I really do only have one flower this week, and it’s for my growing pile.  My partner for the Inchy Swap requested just stepping stones instead of flowers, and I sent them off today, but forgot to take pictures.  I also mailed off my Friendship tote to my partner in Sewing With Friends, forgetting to take a picture of it as well.  I was too rushed!  Four postcards went in the mail, too, but of course I can’t show you those, either!

I have now sworn off swaps for awhile.  I have enough fabric and patterns to keep me busy for the next ten years, and I might have ‘accidentally’ bought more fabric tonight at Quilt Club.  I even bought a kit to make a small Coneflower.  They have the pattern on backorder though, so I won’t get to it right away.


As you might have noticed, I like coneflowers!

My next project is to make a journal cover for my cruise to ALASKA!  I had a play date scheduled with a fellow blogger a couple of weeks ago, but something came up, and we haven’t been able to synchronize our schedules again.  I’ve never made a journal cover, but I had a brainstorm a couple of days ago, and hope to turn it into reality tomorrow night. 

As many pictures as I take on a two hour kayak trip, can you imagine what I’ll have after a weeklong cruise?  The thought boggles my mind!  heehee – you’ll be happy to know that we’ve ordered extra memory cards.

Let’s all do a Random Act of Kindness tomorrow..Sunny



  1. You will have so much fun and I'm looking forward to your journal cover project. Coneflowers are the best!

  2. have fun on your cruise Sunny i leave for one on monday,love that flower hexie too its very cute.xx

  3. Wohoho, how exciting!! Love your hexie.. and wondering what you will do with your journal cover. I must get to the post office as well :-)

  4. Oh, sounds exciting! My parents are going on a cruise to Alaska next year :) Looking forward to seeing your journal cover! xxx

  5. Your hexie is so pretty, Sunny.

    You must be getting so excited for that cruise. I hear it is gorgeous. 2 of my BILs and their wives are on one now.

  6. Another lovely hexie flower :-) Looking forward to seeing the journal for your Alaska tour.
    I have been there several!! times during the winter time...so great.

  7. I too love cone flowers and blackeyed susans are a favorite and they where all over my garden this year!
    Love you hexie flower and the postcard with one on it!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  8. I have heard nothing but good things about the Alaskan cruises...have a wonderful time....your fussy cut flower is gorgeous

  9. Oh...we came so close to booking a cruise to Alaska. Wouldn't it have been great to be on the same one? You will have a great time. I love coneflowers too - can't wait to see the pattern.

  10. What a gorgeous flower!!! I too have enough patterns for the next ten years, and the ten after that, at least. And that's if I stitch 20 hours a day, lol! A cruise to Alaska - you will LOVE it - I had a friend who went and it's one of her favorite cruises ever!

  11. Your hexie flower is lovely Sunny..
    Oh lucky you. When are you going on your cruise???

  12. Your hexie is gorgeous ,have a fantastic trip I will look forward to seeing lots of photos :-))))))

  13. Sunny-
    Your quilt block is absolutely gorgeous- I love those fabric combinations! How exciting to do an Alaska cruise-- oh it will be wonderful. We've done it twice and loved it so much we still want to go back again :)

    Your beautiful scarf has just arrived and I'm so grateful for your generous heart. Thank you so very much. It will be treasured-- watch for photos on my blog later this fall.

    Have a wonderful time!!!


  14. The cone flowers are so pretty. Love the idea of the journal cover. Great trip to look forward to.
    Sorry I am late with my comment. I have been out of action for a week so am doing lots of catching up now.


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