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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Look at the postcard that came in my mail today!

This is from my good friend Maria!  We have a thing about pelicans, and I am in love with this one.  Thank you so much, Maria!!  The detail is amazing.  There are tiny little ducks on the water, and the  pelican has a cool eye.

Last week, I received this from my partner Judy, in the It’s a Sister Thing Swap.  We could make anything at all for our partner, and she crafted a CLOCK!!  How cool is that?  Thanks Judy.  I’m still deciding where to hang it.  The sewing room seems obvious, but the color will clash terribly with my walls.


And here’s what I made for my partner. 

I liked it so much, I made two at the same time, so I have one for myself, too.  It’s an Eleanor Burns pattern from “Quilts from El’s Kitchen”.  Those little aprons are so adorable.

I mentioned that I was planning to make a travel journal for my trip to Alaska and here it is.









Now all I have to do is pack and go!

Chef Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible was in town over the weekend!  We’re fans of the show, so we spent time outside the restaurant, and we did get pictures of Robert.  We couldn’t get reservations for the reveal, but we’ll try to go in the near future.  Here is is getting ready to lead the owners in to see their ‘new’ restaurant.


Let’s see, what else?  Some kayaking pictures?  The place we went this past weekend was nearly impossible to get to because of the horrible roads. 







Then when we  arrived at the boat launch, our car was attacked by ginormous bugs.  I don’t have any pictures, because I was freaking out and jumping around trying to get away from them.  Once we got in the water we were fine.  I think the bugs were black horse flies.  I never want to see them again!

I think that gets me caught up for awhile.  No hexies this week, and Fiona Pfaff is going to the  spa tomorrow, so I need to get her packed up tonight.

Adios for awhile…….Sunny



  1. Love your travel journal. How good for your trip. Your little quilt is adorable.Have fun on your trip.

  2. a trip to Alaska! how awesome. have a super time.
    your post card is so cute.

  3. That clock is great.. Love the wee little quilt it is so cute..
    Your journal looks great. I am sure you will have fun using it...ohhhh one more sleeppppp.......
    The place you went kayaking is lovely despite your nasty bugs.

  4. Such cute projects, love them all. Looks like you are ready to go,wish I could go too. I went out to the sewing cottage today and evidently the threshold on the door isn't that great and it had been raining and there were about a dozen night crawlers on the floor under the door. Freaked me out!

  5. Lovely clock and your journal is terrific have a fantastic trip !!

  6. So many wonderful goodies. Great clock and postcard. Love your little mini with the aprons. Your journal looks great. How long until the cruise?

  7. You've been busy . Have a safe trip.

  8. Alaska! I can't wait to 'travel' there through your pic's. I know they will be wonderful. Have a wonderful trip! ps...love the pelican card and clock. And I really love your design with the aprons and kitties!!

  9. Love your pictures! Have a fun trip, hopefully no bugs up there!

  10. Love the clock............. Hmmmm...I need to make one for myself....

  11. Wow, what a cool idea for the hexies! I love all your projects....you have been busy and so productive! The little clothesline mini is adorable and that journal will be perfect for your trip. Maria always does such nice work.....my DIL got me hooked on Restaurant Impossible while I was on vacation. It's a good thing I don't have cable or I would have even more problems getting things done!....have a wonderful time on the cruise....

  12. I love the EB Quilt. That is so cute! As is your AK Journal. I'm a big fan of Restaurant Impossible too. How cool you got to see some of the taping of the show - Please do post some after photos.

  13. What a gorgeous post Sunny! Lots of lovely things... how clever is Maria... have a wonderful time in Alaska... x

  14. The clock is fantastic and I really love what you made for you partner. Have fun on your trip. Alaska is breath taking.

  15. Just reading all about your lovely projects and road trips has me being tired!!! thanks for the photos--
    have a great week end--
    love, di and miss gracie

  16. What a lovely postcard Maria made, love the pelican ! Sweet little min you made for your swap partner and enjoy your trip and be sure to use your sweet little journal!

  17. LOVE the pelican!!!!! How lovely! And that clock is very cool! I love your little quilt with the aprons, so darling. And your journal, are you packed yet? *G*

    I hate black flies - they get so bad up north here, they'll completely cover you! And they BITE!


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