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Monday, November 10, 2014

FNWF and Retreat results

I know I’m a little late posting for FNWF, but I was just too tired yesterday to function.  I sewed all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday.  Saturday night I couldn’t fall asleep (too much quilty stuff in my brain?), so I was miserable on Sunday.

Why does everything take so much longer than planned?  Does it have anything with being surrounded by about 80 quilty women and their projects?  Thursday’s goal was to finally make this quilt.


This very small quilt has been to at least three retreats, and because of various problems, was always put back in the box.  The pieces were cut out, and one star had been made previously.  I hope to get it quilted today.  The binding is made and ready to be applied.  I purchased this as a kit about three years ago, and I gave away the pattern when I was finished on Thursday, so I can’t give you any information other than the name, which was Scrap Stars.

Friday’s project involved snowmen.  Our Guild is having a UFO challenge, and this is the quilt that I said I would quilt and bind before the December meeting.  The only problem was, I forgot that I hadn’t put it together yet!

I spent the entire day on Friday cutting and sewing the sashing and borders.  This was done as a BOM last year, and I had kept up with the individual blocks, which are made from beautiful wools on cotton.  I’ve seen several others out in blog land.  This is a Primitive Gatherings pattern.

Birch trees were the theme for most of the day Saturday, and on Sunday morning.  I don’t have a picture yet, because I still have to finish the final border.  I’d like to have the borders completed before our Guild meeting tomorrow night. 

I didn’t take many pictures of others’ projects, but I do have to share this.  The strips for this had been cut, but this was entirely strip pieced and put together in two days!!!!  No, that is not a typo.  TWO DAYS.  I’m sure it would have taken me at least two months.


Retreats encourage me.  Inspire me.  Feed my soul as well as my body.  My dh doesn’t really understand why I want to pack up all my stuff and go away to sit and sew all day.  Can’t I just do that at home?  NO.  It’s all about being in a room with like-minded women who speak my language.  Other quilters are always quick to lend a hand, offer some advice, share a scrap, and inspire.  If you’ve never been to a quilt retreat, I urge you to try one.  I’m planning a Girls’ Day out next week with three new friends.

And speaking of friends, here are two who pretend not to like each other.  What do you think?

Happy stitching!      Sunny


Veteran's Day


  1. Love tge snowman quilt. Love your fur buddies.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful retreat Sunny - I agree with your sentiments on them; my group of sewing friends were saying theother day how we'd like to have 2 a year, not just the one!! Great to see what you've done - love the scrappy stars and also the snowmen; enjoy finishing them up!! PS Great that you've made some new sewing friends :-)

  3. Ahh--I do think those 2 fur balls at the end of the post 'do' like each other--at least when they are asleep!!!
    I am still in the knitting phase though I did slow down some on Sunday--my wrist is getting sore!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Your stars are wonderful and your snowmen so cute , great quilts . Sounds like your retreat was very successful and fun !

  5. I know how you feel Sunny, retreats are so much fun and you can accomplish so much. Beautiful projects you are working on, love your snowman quilt.

  6. You made lots fabulous projects at your retreat Sunny. Pleased you had a great time and met new friends.
    We seem to spend a lot of time chatting and catching up but it is very relaxing.
    Oh yes you need more than one retreat a year. The group I went with last weekend have three.
    Then I go with our patch group at least once.

  7. Oh my gosh those projects are beautiful! I am really enjoying the few quilt retreats I'm getting to but wish there were more to go to.

  8. My hubby doesn't get retreats either. He never complains if I take all day to sew ... he'll even bring home carry out so I don't have to cook. He just doesn't get how being with other quilters inspires and motivates. ;-)

  9. I forgot to mention how much I love, love, love your Scrap Stars and snowmen quilts! Absolutely fabulous!

  10. These are all great projects. It is fun to get together with a great group of people to sew.
    Well done.

  11. Ooo, gorgeous makes there, Sunny! The TWO DAYS quilt is a stunner, I love it!
    I'm looking forward to a time when I get to go on a Retreat - I was about to go on one in July when I was hospitalised with my inner ear disorder - you're right, can't do tat sort of sewing at home!

  12. You had a very productive time, girl! Love those stars and the snowmen melt my heart. I can't imagine that quilt being pieced in two days.....wow....

    Cute kitties!!

  13. Oh that is so funny about forgetting that you hadn't put the snowman quilt together. So I guess that really lit a fire under you to finish it up! And congrats on getting the Scrap Stars together.

  14. Oh I so want to go on a retreat too!

  15. On a retreat you dont have to downtools and do housework and it's nice to be with like minded folk as well. I always admire your quilts they are so nice.

  16. it is always nice to sew with quilters. and your kitties are so darned cute all cuddly.

  17. How nice to 'meet' you!! Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I see a lot of familiar faces in your comments. You have been very busy. I've never been on a retreat but they look like fun!

  18. How lovely star quilts, great :-) Nice with the snow men, How I do hope to start on mine one day!! Beautiful colors in your header, Peggy, Happy quilting during the busy pre- Christmas time :-)


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