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Saturday, December 6, 2014

FNWF results

I’ve been procrastinating posting, because we haven’t seen the sun in many days, and I have no decent photos.  Rest assured that much quilting, much binding, and much ripping have been happening at Chez QD.


Last Night was Friday Night With Friends, and I managed to produce two very simple little mug rugs for former coworkers.

We don’t normally exchange gifts, but they were very helpful in keeping me sane as my job was ending.  We’re getting together for lunch one day this week.


I also made a small project using this fabric, which I totally love.  It makes me happy, and I hope it will make someone else happy soon, too.


If the sun ever comes back out, I’ll get pictures of two other quilts.  The small one is completed, and the larger just needs some more stitches on the binding. It should be finished tomorrow. 

I also have to do some gift wrapping tomorrow, and get two packages ready to ship.  Then Ill have to check my list twice to see if I have everything I need that will be hand delivered.  Almost ready!

Thanks for stopping by!      Sunny

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  1. Hi Sunny it's such a busy time of the year,love the gifts for your friends.xx

  2. I agree, a busy time but fun all the same...cute sewing... I hope you get some sunshine soon, I'd love to see your latest quilts!

  3. Your Mug Rugs are sweet... Hope to see your other quilts soon.

  4. How sweet and such a lovely gift. I love your header Sunny...beautiful xx

  5. I do hope the sun peeps through.
    Lovely work on the mug rugs.
    Enjoy catching up with your friends.

  6. love your little gifties. I am way behind since they switched my job from 40 hrs to 50 plus! the money is nice but what good if you cant get things done? grrrr........I wont be a grinch.....I wont be a grinch....

  7. That fabric is gorgeous - someone is going to be very happy! xx

  8. Glad to hear from you and I love the clip art between the projects--and the projects are cute and that red fabric print is lovely--
    we finally have a sunny day here--
    but a very cold wind!!!
    I did make it over to the Christmas fabric sale at Sue's this morning--
    40% off!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  9. I love those little gifts ... I'm sure your former coworkers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    It's been dreary and overcast here, too ... not ideal for taking pictures of quilting/sewing projects.

  10. We all seem to be so busy at this time of the year. I hope your sun shines soon for you.

  11. busy times indeed Sunny!
    Can't wait to see pics of your recent finishes

  12. No kidding!!! The light (or lack) is very frustrating. That's so nice of you to give a handmade gift to your coworkers!

  13. So nice to get together with your co-workers and keep in touch. They will be very happy with the gifts. I've been thinking about you as I'm getting out my Christmas decorations and I'm still in love with the tree wall hanging you gave me. Thanks!!!

  14. Dear Sunny ... such sweet handmade gifts. Your fabric is so cheery. Our day looks to be a bit overcast as well. Simple blessings for your day. ♥ Teri

  15. No sun here either, it's SO HARD to get a decent pic! Sounds like you have more to photograph than I do though, lol. Great mug rugs for your former co-workers, and what a nice thing to do!! Love that fabric....


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