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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The weatherman said Snow

And we said NO!  So we packed up the car, and drove for two days until we reached sunny Florida.  We spent our first day in and around Miami.  It was a dreary cloudy day for the most part, but it was warm and there was no snow on the ground.




this bird’s for Maria!

Of course we saw lighthouses and birds, and took a tour of downtown Miami on the Metromover.



We went to the Riverwalk, but there’s nothing there.  The highlight of the day was going to South Beach, to see the Art Deco district.


The only stitching that has been done the past few days is some crocheting in the car.  I started a new baby afghan, and hope to get most of it finished before we get home. 

More later……..Sunny



  1. Wonderful!!! Glad you're warmer. Nice to tag a long too!

  2. Oh thank you my friend for the lovely Pelican photo and I love the others too.

  3. I can well understand escaping the snow. Perfect choice.

  4. I admit ... I am jealous! It seems like I'm seeing or reading about people heading off to warm Florida a lot lately ... DH is chomping at the bit to head south ... I'm having a hard time saying "no". ha!

  5. Oh so jealous!!!! I just found out that US 41 runs from northern MI to Miami - almost 2,000 miles - and I really want to get on it, lol. I'd LOVE to see the Art Deco district, how gorgeous!


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