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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Let summer begin!

Today was our first kayak trip of the year.  We went to a reservoir that is quite secluded and usually not at all crowded.  Not so today.  The parking lot was full and cars were parked on the road.  Still, compared to other local lakes, it was peaceful and quiet and a wonderful way to celebrate the unofficial start to summer.

Our other fun activity this weekend was attending  GeoWoodstock.  If you’re familiar with geocaching, this is a mega event that drew cachers from all over the world.  And it was held right in our backyard this year.  A new geotrail was opened in our beautiful City Park, and there were seminars, vendors, swaps, and anything else you can think of that is geocaching related.  It was a huge success, and a big boon to our economy!   DH and I don’t geocache as much as we used to, but we had to attend this awesome event.



In other news, I’ve been on a binding binge since my last post.


Is now this.


I don’t like this at all.  It was pieced a couple of years ago, and I wasn’t happy with their idea for the actual flowers, so I made mine different.  I’m going to add some more quilting and see if I can improve it.  If anyone wants it, let me know.






This is just a little table topper that was waiting to be quilted.  I quilted flowers, and had fun with it. 

Some of you may have contributed to this little beauty.  These are blocks from Block Swap Adventure.  Again, it was just waiting to be quilted.  It’s finished just in time for Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations.


And this is my green scrap project for the week.  Pop  over to Angela’s blog to see more green scrappiness. I still need to add some button “ornaments” and a star at the top.  That’s what I’ll be working on after I hit ‘publish’ for this post.  I actually received one of these last year for Christmas from my friend Maria, and I just loved it.  Imagine my surprise when I was looking through my patterns one day and realized that I had the pattern.  It suggests that you applique through all the layers in lieu of quilting, and using that technique makes the appliqued pieces a little puffy, which I love!

I have another green project almost finished, and a surprise for DH, who’s birthday is tomorrow.  I’ll save them for the next post. 

I’ve had a couple of job interviews recently, and another is scheduled for the coming week.  Cross your fingers that I find employment soon.  Quilting is not a cheap hobby!

Keep on stitching……..Sunny



  1. It sounds like you have a great summer planned with your kayaking and geocacheing, both sound good fun. Great to have that binding binge, it's always nice to put those last few stitches in whether you're in love with the quilt or not! Maybe the Sunflowers (which looks lovely by the way) would be a good chance for you to practise some hyper quilting Patsy Thompson style with coloured threads and fancy stuff - bet you'll love it after that!! Best wishes to DH on his birthday :-) Oh and good luck for your interviews.

  2. It looks like you chose a perfect day to venture out in your kayaks. And the Geowoodstock would have been great fun.
    You have been busy with all your bindings. So many wonderful finishes.

  3. As you're approaching summer, we're preparing for the cold weather ahead. That lake looks so pretty and peaceful. love your quilts :)

  4. Is Kayaking for 'weaklings' like myself? I think it would be fun to try. are you kidding me about the sunflower quilt? it is beautiful, but then again, sunflowers have always been my favorite flowers. Keep having fun!

  5. I hope you have a great interview! Quilts are wonderful - don't you just love summer!

  6. HI Sunny, I've never heard of the geocache thing, so I'll go visit Google in a minute.
    The lake looks so good, enjoy your warm weather outings on the water.
    Good on you finishing all that bind - it's a great feeling isn't it?!

    Happy Birthday to mrQD

  7. It is so good to see that kayak in the water again!

    I have heard about the geocaching but never participated in it.

    Your finished quilting is beautiful. I love that little tree.

  8. Pleased you have been able to go kayaking again.. Its getting colder here and I have the heat pack at my feet in bed each night....
    You have been a good girl geting all those finishes...
    Love that tree.
    Good luck with you job interviews my friend...

  9. I bet that you had a wonderful time on the lake--those Kayaks do look peaceful---!!!
    and some great projects you have finished--
    me I am doing the sorting thing--
    haven't gotten to the all quilted quilt pile yet--
    but did go through the 'tops' yesterday and I think I still have '12' in the would like to hand quilt and finish pile--2 are very large!!
    Have a great week and I hope and pray that you get a great job--one that you will love!!!

  10. The lake looks lovely and so do all your beautiful finishes! You have been busy!! Glad you had a nice weekend! :) x

  11. It's wonderful getting out to do what you enjoy. Hope you find the 'job of your dreams'!

  12. Oh, what a darling little tree - it's my favorite. Good idea to quilt the applique on - I'll give that a try sometime. Nothing is better than being out in nature enjoying life - so glad you all take the opportunity. Good luck with the job hunt!

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You have such an exciting life. I like all of your projects. Good luck with the job hunt.

  14. Fun adventures!! And good luck with the job search. I am blessed to be happily retired now. Just love your tree! Nice job getting lots done.

  15. Ooh yes for summer!!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to love your Sunflower quilt, if you still don't like it send it on. That's a cute little tree and awesome blocks - how fun, I've never done a swap.

    I'm wishing you success in the job hunt - I'm looking myself and there's just not much available here. Especially with all my health problems. And at my age, lol.


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