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Monday, May 18, 2015


Or should I just say “Alphabet Soup”? 
I’ve been on a quilting binge lately, and Friday night (FNSI) found me burying thread ends into 3 small quilts.  I’m saving the bindings for my sewing day later this week.  I’m lazy, and don’t like to carry my sewing machine if I can make an alternative plan.  

I’ve also been doing some embroidery this month, and it’s almost ready to share.
Cross stitching has also been taking some time, and I feverishly tried to finish a design for Gifted Gorgeousness for the month.  While there are no requirements as to what has to be accomplished, my goal is to finish one Santa House each month.  After all, it was a BOM.  (2 years ago)  Block 5 was finished on the 15th, but not posted until now.

I’m not stitching them in the order they were released, but I am stitching one per month!!
I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t accomplished much for RSC2015 this month.  Green is our color for month, and I have managed to make my Dresden plate.  Click on the link to see what all the other talented ladies are working on.

I cut out another small quilt pattern yesterday, so I should have more green to share later. 
Speaking of green, Spring has definitely sprung here.

There is nothing to search for in this photo, I just LOVE Spring green!  DH and I have been hiking several time, and have loads of wildflower pictures, as well as a few other things.  I’ll share just a few of my favorites. 
We’ve also been to several Garden Centers, where DH has bought a ton of flowers and herbs, and he actually has everything planted already!  We’ve been to markets and a bakery. And we’ve have several meals cooked outdoors on the grill.  Spring is so much nicer than Winter!!!!
Back to stitching now…….Sunny


  1. Yes I do agree--Spring and summer are better than winter!!!
    went out 2x yesterday to the lake and took photos--in the morning there was fog out there on the water--that is different for me to photograph!!!
    love all your stitching projects--

  2. Lovely projects, beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful Dresden plate. It's always nice to have lots of greens hanging around to make leaves with. Doing a Santa House a month is really good. Get it up. Yep, we've been planting and grilling too - and just sitting out on the patio relaxing.

  4. Beautiful wildlife photographs and I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts finished!! :) x

  5. I also prefer not to takemy machine if I can help it... there is always some hand sewing to do anyway..... love your cross stitch....is that a tortoise with a long tail?

  6. Hi Sunny,lovely cross stitch and Dresden ,your work is always stunning and boy sure love your pics xx

  7. Must be the month for catching up.. Love the Christmas cross stitch Sunny.
    Oh I do love all your Spring photos especially the Red Cardinal

  8. Glad to hear you are enjoying spring! Great photos, Sunny! Your x-stitch house is cute with the stockings hanging on the line. I'm glad I'm not the only one behind with my greens this month!

  9. Love your blocks and stitch work. Beautiful pictures!

  10. The only things winter has going for it are Christmas and the excuse to stay inside and quilt. I'm with you, give me spring any day of the week. I love your pictures from your hikes. How large are you making that Dresden plate?

  11. Three quilts ready for binding is an impressive effort. I agree with planning ahead and not having to carry my machine at times, too.
    Love the cross stitch block. It is delightful. And the dresden works very well in green.
    Thanks for the lovely photos from your hikes. The poppies are beautiful.

  12. I love Spring too, Sunny... & autumn...

    Great work on the green Dresden... & I do love all the other pics too. Is that red bird a cardinal?

  13. Wonderful flowers and I really like your Dresden Plate.

  14. Well obviously alphabet soup makes you very productive, lol!!! Your x-stitched house is SO darling...love your green Dresden....and all your lovely spring pictures!! Tonight feels like winter [going to 37] but yesterday was 85....gotta love spring...

  15. I love your projects Sunny and your nature photos....just gorgeous!

  16. You've been busy in a really good way! Love all the pic's. I am fortunate enough to be off for the Memorial Day weekend, and I hope to get some sewing done then!

  17. Nice Dresden Plate and what a bunch of beautiful photos, so refreshing.

  18. Love the Santa House and the Dresden Plate. Both turned out beautifully. Wonderful spring pictures too.

  19. Your pictures are great! I would love to learn how you make the pictures so clear and the background fade away. Love your little cross-stitch pieces, you certainly have been busy! Have a great weekend, I guess its time to get the boats out!

  20. Lovely Dresden quilt block, and your wildflower photos are so enjoyable to look at. Found some pink lady's slippers in the woods one year and a few jack-in-the-pulpits. Love to see them!

  21. Thanks for taking part in GG in May. Great progress on the Santa's Village. It does seem strange stitching snow in Spring!


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