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Saturday, June 6, 2015

FNWF–All about Small

Whew – I spent my FNWF by binding 3 quilts, and stitching my June design for Jenny’s Vintage Kitchen BOM.
Those of you who are stitching along, know this is small.
The largest of my three quilts measures approximately 12x13”.  I finished quilting it during the week, and sewed down the binding last night.

Quilt number two is a whopping 6x6”.  It is a Buttermilk Basin design, and will hang in my little metal stand.
And quilt number three measures about 3x7”.  I finished the wool applique earlier in the week,  As I’m trying to get more organized in my sewing room, I decided to just make a couple of these small projects instead of moving them around all the time!

I love this design so much that I think I’ll do in another color way and have a black-eyed Susan!
The other stitching accomplished this week is my RSC blue Dresden plate.  I did a darker blue in January, and June is light blue!
Since my blue scraps are pretty well under control, I think I’ll plan to quilt a couple of light blue quilts later this month, after I’ve made my doll quilt.  And I’m sure something else will come along to pique my interest!
This past Wednesday, we went to Shenandoah National Park with the intent to do some hiking.  Mother Nature chose not to cooperate with our plans, so we drove a short way, took a few pictures, and then left.  It was almost too dangerous to drive.  We did see a little bear run across the road, but I wasn’t prepared and didn’t get a picture.

Since we left earlier than expected, we stopped at a plant nursery on the way home, and I made an impulse buy.
This is Dawn’s fault!!  I really like it, and can’t wait for the flowers to fill in and get established. 
The sun made an appearance today for the first time in almost a week, so we headed out with the kayaks.  Once again, Mother Nature did not cooperate with our plans.  We had been out on the water for about a half hour when the skies became dark and ominous, the wind picked up, and we were having a tough time paddling.  I’m not afraid of getting wet – and we did feel a few rain drops, but I don’t want to be on the water if it’s lightening.  We turned around and headed back towards the car.  Of course, by the time we got there, the sun was once again shining.
IMG_3915  There were several barn swallow nests at the Visitor Center.


Back to stitching now. . . . Sunny


  1. What beautiful photos of the misty, rainy morning. Shame you didn't get to go for a walk.
    Lovely finishes. They are so tiny!

  2. Wow you were very productive lots of Beautfiul finishes, love your black eyed susan. !!!

  3. Wonderful photography and I love your Dresden Plate block. Such pretty fabric.

  4. I love your fog photos. Especially the one with the tree! It would make an interesting quilt, too. Great selection of LIGHT BLUE fabrics in your Dresden Plate block!

  5. Love your little quilts! Sorry to hear the weather has not been cooperating for hiking or kyaking, but you did get some beautiful photos. I really love your planter!

  6. Love your little quilts! They are soooooo cute.

  7. Wow you got a lot done! What's your secret - package it up and sell it, you'll make a million. LOVE LOVE your small projects! I love your pics of the fog, we hardly ever see it and I love it. Nice flowery impulse buy - I love looking at everyone else's flowers, since everything takes one look at me and dies. I don't like the sound of you being on the water when the weather turned......yikes!

  8. I was tried just reading your post.
    Lots of wee finishing , driving and some kayaking and shopping at the nursery too.
    Sad the weather didn't co operate for you.
    Nice photos .

  9. Good to have finishes under your belt for FNWF and lovely pictures of the birds. xx

  10. Looks like you had a lovely time despite the weather working against you! Love your little quilt and stitchery finishes! :) x

  11. love your quilty finishes and LOVE your tower! arent they fun? I am waiting to see lettuce peek thru the soil. if it doesn't then I will get more herbs. Can't have too much thyme or rosemary or cilantro. mine is doing well so far.

  12. I love that you still make time to enjoy nature! Your pic's are pretty. Love the little quilts!

  13. Love all those projects--so small and so cute!!
    We had a very cold, windy day here yesterday and I did set up for the rummage sale--
    but that wind off the lake got to me and no body was coming to buy--so closed it up early
    but not soon enough as I am still in pain today--but got to get this apartment cleaned up--
    as I think I am having a blog friend come to visit this week!!!

  14. your mini quilts are just delightful...

  15. Lovely finishes all round. The little quilts are all gorgeous.
    Shame about the weather at the park but I love the purchase from the nursery. I am going to look at my spare pots to see if that is possible with some of them.

  16. What a great set of finishes! Love your pictures.... I have not gone out in my kayak since I moved to florida. I must remedy that this year at some point... although those alligators scare me! Thanks for the reminder of home (Vermont)

  17. Great work on getting those little finishes Sunny...

  18. I always enjoy seeing your minis.

    I love the tiered pot. That will be gorgeous when it fills in.

  19. Your Vintage Kitchen BOM's are turning out so nice. Do you do the wool blocks by hand or with the machine - so cute. Also - I love the tiered pot idea! Hmm - where could I put one of those in my yard?


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