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Sunday, August 9, 2015

What a Week



You know the expression “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”  Well, there’s no such thing as a free cat, either.  The cat I adopted on Free Cat Friday last week was apparently sick when I got her.  We’ve been to the vet twice, tried three different meds, and had a discussion about hospitalization.  I think she’s pretty well cured now, and did not need to be hospitalized.  Now, I may be a dummy, and didn’t realize that she was sick right away, but they surely had to know at the shelter.  Sad.  But she’s in a loving home now, and will be well cared for.


I still need to work on getting some really cute pictures, but at least now she’s eating and drinking and sleeping in the open, not in hiding.  Her name is Sydney, and she’s about a year old.  Very tall and long!  She and Zippy aren’t quite friends yet, but we’re seeing progress.

I’ve also been to my own doctor twice this week as I’m dealing with a minor medical issue.  My sewing is not affected, but I keep finding other small annoyances. 


This is my container of basting pins, and it is full, because every quilt top that I had basted is now quilted!  Which means that I need to start basting again.  Which means that I have to clear the top of my sewing table.  Since small projects often pile up on the table, I thought I should finish a few of them instead of just moving them around.  I don’t know where they all come from!


A couple of years ago, I was going to make a watermelon wall hanging, and lost interest for some reason.  I had about 3 1/2 of the watermelons made, so I turned them into placemats.  One project off the table!


I also needed a new journal cover for my travels.  My old notebook was full, so I bought a new one in New York earlier this summer, and it didn’t fit my old cover.  But that’s okay, I like making and using them.  I always journal when we travel so if/when I get around to scrapbooking our trips, I’ll have some details to work with.  I found that giant paperclip in my scrapbook supplies, and thought it might make a nice bookmark.  Since I didn’t make much with my red scraps in July for RSC15, I’m continuing with red in August.

I went to a Quilt Show in Frederick MD this past week with several friends.  I ran into so many people that I knew, that I spent more time chatting and didn’t get many pictures.  I didn’t purchase a lot, except at Cathi’s booth – Shakerwood Woolens.  It’s impossible not to want everything she has on display.  When I showed her a pattern picture in a magazine and asked for a suggestion for one of the wools, she said she had exactly the right thing at home, and would ship it to me as soon as she returned. Customer service at its finest.

And I almost forgot – I’ve finished one more quilt!

I could NOT get a decent picture of this.  Too bright outside, and too dark indoors.  It’s similar to a rail fence, with four different light fabrics.  I purchased this fabric on my first shop hop nearly six years ago.  The top was pieced at a retreat a couple of years ago.  It’s quilted with free motion flowers, and I still really like it!  I plan to take some quilts to a park in the near future for some pictures, and maybe I’ll try more with this.  I can’t tolerate sunshine right now, but all will be well soon.

Happy Stitching . . . . Sunny



  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, my friend, but so glad to hear that you rescued that sweet kitty from certain death.....love how you re-purposed your watermelon wall hanging to be.....isn't it cool how things work out sometimes??

  2. Good to hear that the sweet cat has a good home... They are experts at hiding an illness so no one at the shelter might have noticed......

    Good feeling to have a few finishes under your belt.......

    Have a good week......

  3. Hi Sunny,so glad Sydney is okay now and I hope you are back to good health in no time,love your sewing projects and I love the pic at the end,take care my lovely friend xx

  4. What a lucky little kitty to have you! I love Torties and Calicos, they are the best! Glad she is better now!

  5. Hello Sunny! So glad that you have your cat's health problems sorted and that she is now settling in.... she is lucky to be in such a caring home!! I really love the journal cover you made and your latest quilt is great too. Hope you get your medical issues solved too. Have a happy week! Take care.... Christine x

  6. I hope you are feeling better. What a precious gift of life for the new kitty! Your love of animals makes us all know that you are 'good people'. ;) Congrats for your finishes!

  7. I am so glad that little kitty has found you...hope she continues to get stronger. Also yourself x Love a pretty journal,cover too.

  8. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best ... hope that you'll be back to normal soon. What a shame that the adoption center adopted out your sweet kitty without treating her first. I'm glad that she's doing much better now.

  9. You and the kitty are both sick???? I hope all is well with both of you soon.

    You have been busy with so many fun projects and how nice it is to see all of those pins! I need to work on my stack and get some finished up.

  10. Oh my goodness--
    Sydney looks just like miss gracie--and I hear you on the 'free' stuff--
    gracie was sent to Cornell vet school for a 'free' spaying==only she came back with a persite infection that cost me $125 in meds and vet visits--the spaying through the humane society was only $30!!!
    Been doing some packing today--ouch I still have too much to ship I fear and already know that the boxes are heavy--hummm?????
    Have fun basting--got 5-6 done--but have about 4 more to do--
    but need to work on the move details and the packing first--
    have a fun day with the kitties--smiles

  11. seems a little dishonest doesn't it to give away a sick kitty.
    glad she has found a home that will care for her and that she is on the mend.
    Hope you are on the mend too...
    enjoy basting with all those newly released pins.

  12. You have been busy, yourself. Nice to be on top of the quilting finishes. Love your new kitty Sorry, there were issues with hr, but glad ll is better now. You take such lovely pictures. I was catching up today. It has been hot here as well, almost too hot to be outside..At least can stay inside and do handwork, and cuddle with Sidney. Have a wonderful day.

  13. I'm so glad Sydney is getting better and so glad she is in a loving home. Hope you're feeling better too!! Love your journal cover.... take care of yourself xx

  14. you are keeping very busy... I tend to do the same in basting a number of things and then doing them slowly .... hope you feel better soon and glad the cat is on the mend... a bit naughty of the shelter to do that....xx

  15. So sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you are feeling better soon. Cute kitten. Hope he is all well soon, too.

  16. Hi my friend! Wow I'm so sorry you've had such a troubled start with your new Kitty, but it seems things are looking up which is great for everyone! You take care of yourself too!

  17. Poor Sydney! She hasn't gotton off to the best of starts in her new home. Hope her medical issues are all sorted now. She's a cutie. Looking forward to seeing more photos of her. You have been super busy sewing. Love all the projects you've been working on......xxx

  18. What a pretty little kitty. I'm sure she will be a nice addition to your home as she relaxes (and gets healthy). Yep, if you have a big pile of safety pins like that you better put them to good use.

  19. How lucky for that kitty to find it's way into your loving home!!

  20. Hi Sunny, the cross stitch is impressive..I've never managed to complete a single cross stitch project! I love the red hexagons...

  21. We've been doing a bit of canning here and it is a ton of work. We got a homeless kitty last year who was sick and had to doctor her back to health along with the 4 sick kittens she promptly had. Poor things. We still have her and 3 of the kittens but hey, no mice!


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