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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wrapping up July

Another month bites the dust.  It was ushered out by a beautiful blue moon.  We saw the moon rising last night as we were returning from dinner.  We stopped for a few pictures, but we didn’t have our ‘real’ cameras, so didn’t get great shots.


And since I had received several mosquito bites earlier in the day, I was not willing to walk in the grass for a better angle!!

I’d share a picture of my new cat, but I can’t find her at the moment.  Much time has been spent over the past two weeks with a sick cat, and then having to say good-bye.  I’d had Chloe for over 14 of her 15 years,   She was a sweet little thing, and it was hard to say good-bye.


I wasn’t planning to get a new cat immediately, but our vacation is coming up soon, and I didn’t want the remaining cat to be an ‘only cat’ while we were away.  So we decided to start looking around.  I found the most awesome cat at the Humane Society, and since they have “Free Cat Fridays”, we ended up with a new cat.  She is a little love bug!  She has alternated between hiding or sitting in one of our laps for hours.  She’s friendly, outgoing, and doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything.  I can’ believe that some other family gave her up.  Pictures will follow when possible.

I went to the Hershey Quilt Show last week, where we were allowed to photograph some of the quilts, but not share them online.  There were some awesome antique quilts, and the remainder were art/show quilts.  Beautiful to look at, but they were obviously made just for competition.  I prefer ‘real’ quilts.  I had hoped to get some inspiration for quilting my own tops, and was disappointed in that area.  There was a huge vendor fair, and while I kept my spending very low, I did buy some stencils and a ruler for my Sweet 16.

Patience and I have been doing more quilting, and here is a quilt that I started a couple of years ago.  I had started echoing the hexies on my regular machine, and quickly determined that was NOT the solution.


It has become apparent that I need to work on my basic math skills, as once again, I did not have enough binding made.  Fortunately, I still had some of the fabric in my scrap bin, and was able to rectify the problem. 

In other hexie news, I’ve been working on my GFG again.  I’ve seen a couple of finished ones cropping up around blog land recently, and I’ve been motivated to spend time on mine.  One friend recommended ‘one thread a day gets it done’ so that has been my goal. 

I think I have all the hexies made, now there’s just the tedious chore of sewing them together.  I did recently run across a really interesting way to finish off the quilt when I get there, so I’ll try the technique on a small project before determining if I want to proceed.

Another quilt was quilted but not yet bound, because I had a new kitty in my lap.  I’ll save it for next month.

Happy Stitching!      Sunny



  1. Welcome to the new kitty! I'm sure she will soon allow photo shoots.

    The hexies are going to be beautiful.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Chloe! We get so attached to our furry friends and it is so hard to say goodbye. I look forward to photos of your new kitty. I love your yellow hexie quilt. I have the opposite problem, I always make way too much bindiing!

  3. Sorry to hear about Chloe but it's good that you have been able to give a good home to an unwanted cat. Your GFG looks so pretty. Anthea at Hibiscus Stitches does a fortnightly linky for hexie and EPP sewers - good motivation. Let me know if you need me to send a link to her blog. xx

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Chloe, and am glad that you have a new little furry friend to love. I love both your hexie quilts. Like Rebecca in AK, I always have too much binding, too. I just through the excess in my strip bin. I'll probably never use all those random strips, but I can't bring myself to throw them away.

  5. Sunny your hexie quilt is lovely.....its sunny just like you! Our Kitty is 17 years old this year and has lost weight from her younger days so I'm afraid it won't be too long before she goes to Rainbow Bridge....I know it was hard for you to say goodbye to Chloe....Our pets give us such joy and it is hard when they have to go....

  6. Wasn't the blue moon beautiful!? I love a full moon! So sorry to hear about your cat, Chloe... it is hard to say goodbye... but also pleased to hear about the new addition to the family!! Your hexagon quilts are fabulous! :) x

  7. always sad to say goodbye to much loved pets.... I love both your hexagon quilts...

  8. sew hard to say goodbye to an old furry friend Sunny. But I think Syndey is gorgeous and she will give you lots of joy too.

    Ah ! I remember your Black Eyed Sue quilt very nice finished.
    The lovely colourful one looks great as well.

  9. ohh--a new kitty though a new one really doesn't replace a beloved one that is gone--it does help--
    and yes I will really miss gracie when I have to leave her behind or find her a new home--but--I really don't have an option here--as I will also be taking a cut in income in moving to Fl and will not be able to afford the food and litter for a pet--but I can volunteer at the humane society and get my kitten and puppy fix--right???
    ok--stop playing with that kitten and get back to stitching!!!!

  10. Sorry for the loss of your sweet old kitty. Glad you have another furry friend to help ease the pain. Love your hexie quilts. My GFG is waiting patiently to be quilted. The moon is beautiful x

  11. sorry for the loss of Chloe. they leave imprints on our hearts dont they? your new little one is lucky to have you. she too will soon be making happy memories. it is like a hug to help with your loss.
    hugs from me Dunkin and Phoebe


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