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Friday, September 25, 2015

Back on the Grid

I guess it’s time to do a post since friends have reached out to see if I’m still here.  I am, and I have some vacation photos to share.  No stitching happened while we were away.


We flew into Vegas on Saturday afternoon, got settled into our hotel, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then drove up the Strip.  Most of these pictures were taken from the car, which is good because we never made it back! 


We made it up to Fremont Street, which was quite an experience.  As soon as we arrived there, we ran into a friend from home!  I knew she was in Vegas, but I certainly never thought we would see her there. 



We saw the overhead light show, zip liners, scantily clad women (and men) and many other street performers.  Walking around and gawking gave us a chance to get a taste of the city while getting in some steps.

The following day, we drove over to Hoover Dam, and it was HOT!!!  We’re not used to desert temperatures.  IMG_4142IMG_4178

After years of drought, I’m sure that Marina has had to be moved to still be in the water.  DH walked up to the bridge overlooking the dam and got some better pictures, but it was just too hot for me.  We saw this little guy near the Visitor’s Center.  We certainly don’t have critters like this in our area.


Our next stop was the Red Rock Canyon, just a few short miles from Vegas.  Most of what we had seen of Nevada up until this point was very brown.  Incredibly brown.


There is a loop road in Red Rock Canyon that opens to some beautiful vistas of the red rock formations of the area.


It’s very pretty country,in a different way.  Our plan was to return to Vegas for dinner on the strip, and seeing some of the highlights.  I really wanted to see the fountains at the Bellagio, and I had hoped to eat at “Giada”, but it just didn’t happen.  Instead, we walked through the large casino next to our hotel, and enjoyed a nice dinner there.  I’m sure we were the only people in town who didn’t gamble away even a dime!!

That should do it for today’s installment.  More to follow.




  1. lovely holiday pics, the grand canyon ones remind me of the great old westerns. Love the hoover dam ones too.

  2. Great photos. I have fond memories of time spent there and all the sights and sounds. Loved it.

  3. welcome home and thanks for sharing your great pics...
    we have lots of those scaley little fellas here......

  4. Oh my what pretty photos you took--and how sad that that huge dam had no water!!
    smiles, di

  5. Great pics Sunny... fancy being there & bumping into your friend like that!

  6. We go to Vegas all the time and do not gamble - it's just not our thing. And we've never made it to the Dam! And yes it gets HOT there. I'm glad you made it there and to Red Rock Canyon. Fremont Street is something else!!


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