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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sedona and the Main Event!

The following day found us in Sedona, AZ, by way of the scenic Oak Creek Canyon road.  It was a beautiful drive, but there weren’t many places to pull out for photos, so for the most part we just enjoyed the ride.


We were walking around across the road from this sign, and two gentlemen suggested that we go elsewhere, as they thought they had just heard a rattlesnake.  Okay, we’re outta here!!


It was a quick trip, because we had to get back to Vegas to return our rental car.  Our final destination was Salt Lake City, and the cost to drive there and turn in our car was outrageous!!  So we took the car back to Vegas and flew to SLC for a small fraction of the cost. 

Salt Lake City was the location of my nephew’s wedding, and our ultimate destination!  The wedding was on Saturday and we had Friday to do some more sightseeing.  Fall is coming to the mountains.  There was even a little snow on a few of the peaks.


This guy crossed the parking lot in front of us, and even stopped to pose.


Saturday morning came early, and we headed to the campground where the wedding was to be held in a meadow.  We helped decorate the shelter, set up chairs, haul beverages.  It was a lovely ceremony, and after a couple of cool days, it was sunny and beautiful.


The flower girl is the bride’s daughter, and a much loved addition to the family.  I think she may be getting a quilt for Christmas.  We had a chance to spend time with family and friends, with good food, chatting around late night fire pits, and even a hot tub.  I hope we can all get together again soon!

The final shot is my five little nephews, and they actually asked to have their picture taken together!!



  1. What a charming wedding . . . I love it :)
    As far as Sedona, AZ goes . . . it is amazingly beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  2. Don't like the idea of a rattle snake....such gorgeous scenery..
    What a beautiful place for the wedding.. Great photos...

  3. It is so wonderful to have extended family--I am still close to my brother and 2 sisters, but not close with their kids and grandkids though I have tried to be--
    it was a wonderful trip by the sounds--
    smiles, di
    ps--I learned how to play Bunco today and had a ball!!

  4. Great photos , beautiful location and wedding

  5. Sunny - you did a great job capturing the beauty of Sedona and the mountains. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and beautiful location. I love the picture of the nephews. So nice to be around family (extended or otherwise).

  6. What a beautiful wedding...lovely memory with the last photo. I loved sightseeing through your camera. I would still be running....as much as I love all wildlife...snakes terrify me!

  7. Sedona is on my list of places to go. What a lovely venue for a wedding.

  8. What a fabulous trip and a beautiful wedding! Lovely photographs! Christine x

  9. What an awesome trip - and I do admit to jealousy over the Grand Canyon, lol! I think Sedona is my mother's most favorite place in the world. Your pics of Antelope Canyon were outstanding. Looks like a lovely wedding, congrats to the happy couple!

  10. Such amazing scenery. And the wedding setting is stunning.

  11. beautiful countriside and what a lovely wedding.


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