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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It’s hard to do a post when most of the stitching I’ve done lately is secret.  I’ve done some baking, but nothing photo worthy.  I belong to two Guilds and have attended parties at each of them in the past week.  Tons of good food, little gifts, and lots of fun and laughter.  Tomorrow our small sewing group is having our last meeting of the year, and we’re incorporating a cookie exchange.

I forgot to mention that at our Retreat last month, one of the quilters surprised us and brought pin cushions for all the attendees! 


I named mine “Little Bee Peep”.  At one of the Guilds last week, our favors were slightly larger chicken pin cushions.  And at the other Guild last night, we had a pin cushion exchange!  A girl can never have too many pin cushions! 

Although RSC15 is finished, I still need more Dresden plates, so I made an aqua one earlier this week.  Now I need to lay them all out to decide on one last color, as I need 12 for the layout I chose.


Many of the ladies are starting to put together their rainbow scrappy quilts, so pop over to Angela’s blog to see what everyone has been up to all year.  She’s also making plans for RSC16 if you’re interested in joining the fun in the new year.

When I woke up Sunday morning it was very foggy and frosty, and I wanted to grab my camera and go looking for some frosty pictures, but I was meeting a friend for church, so I wasn’t able to go.  Imagine my excitement when I woke up to fog again on Monday morning!!


Tomorrow might be foggy again!! 

I received my Christmas postcard a couple of days ago from Debbie in Canada.  This is for a swap that Sheila organizes several times a year.  If you haven’t joined before it, you should try it!!


I’ve never received a postcard with binding before.  It’s awesome!! Thank you so much Debbie.  And thanks to Sheila as well for organizing the swaps.

I must go prepare for tomorrow’s sewing group.  I’m sure loving the retired life!

Keep on stitching…….Sunny



  1. Cute little pincushion and yes a gal can never have too many . Sounds like you have had a fun time with Christmas parties . Love your frosty pictures :-). Oh what a sweet postcard from Debbie , the binding looks so nice .

  2. What a beautiful postcard and such lovely photographs!! I love the patterns the frost makes.... so pretty! Your aqua dresden is lovely.... my favourite colours! Christine x

  3. Love your photos.....especially the tree with reflection. You sounds like you have chicks and pins everywhere :0

  4. You are enjoying your retirement going off to retreats, guild meeting and sewing along with your sewing friends...
    Nice Chooky pincushion. And your dresdan looks great.
    Lovely Christmas postcard you received from Debbie.

  5. Hi Sunny I agree you can never have too many pin cushions,oh I love those blue dresdens and that postcard is so cute,I love your nature pics too my friend xx

  6. I love your cute chicken pin keeper--I did keep all my pincushions for the move--your Dresden plates are coming along nicely and it will be fun to see them all finished--and someone did alot of lovely work on that post card--I do need to make one one of these days!!
    keep stitching--
    smiles, di

  7. Love your Dresden and the pincushion is very cute. I just love that reflection photograph.

  8. Sunny - I love your new blog look. Your stitchery (including little buttons) is too die for. You did such an awesome job. Okay so I see it's official you are now retired! lol I really have been looking forward to your seeing your Dresden Plate blocks each month.

  9. Just one more block to go. Getting so close to being able to finish your quilt!

  10. I just found my dresdens. I'll look forward to seeing how you set yours.

  11. Lovely choice for the Dresden. Yay, only one more to go. Congrats on your retirement. Now life really begins, so enjoy every minute. Love the frosty close ups.

  12. It looks like you have been enjoying your end of year parties. And your collection of pin cushions sure is growing. Lovely work for the blue challenge.
    Great photos of your cold morning - brrrr .... .

  13. love your dresdan. they are a favorite of mine

  14. I really love the idea of doing Dresdens for the RSC. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt top.

  15. I popped in here for FNSI - but am in awe of the cross stitch on your header - its gorgeous.

  16. Merry Christmas! I know, it's been forever since I've been on here.... Just had to say -- I LOVE your foggy morning tree/reflection photo!!!! WOW! And your cross-stitch header is beautiful. I'm envious that you're retired now. Enjoy!

  17. Well I think you'll have enough pincushions for awhile, lol, Little Bee Peep is so cute! Love the pic in your header!!!


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