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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Still Stitching Away

I'm writing this in Blogger, and I'm not sure if I remember how!  I keep thinking that maybe I should just stop blogging since I've become so lax about it, but I just can't quite seem to pull the plug.  Although I'm now retired and have all the time in the world, it seems that I have less time than ever before.  I belong to two Guilds, two small sewing groups, and I sew at a friend's house on Mondays. Three other sewing dates are set up for this month also.  Life is GOOD!

RSC15 has come to a close, and I decided (with the help of many sewing buddies) that I needed another bright color for my final Dresden.  

I had to raid the scrap stash of two friends to make this, because as much as I like pink, my scraps tends to be lighter.  Thanks girls!  I've finished all my centers, and will start assembling the quilt very soon.  Then it's on to RSC16.  If you haven't played along before, Angela announces a new color each month, and we get creative with our scraps of that color.  She'll even provide inspiration for your blocks, or you can choose your own projects.  Each Saturday she had a linky so you can get even more inspiration seeing what others are doing.  Anyone can play along!

Christmas gifts have been sent and received.  Di was quite clever when she designed her gifts this year.  I can hang the little "P", or make it into a pin cushion, or use it as a needle book.  She also sent a lovely stitched Christmas ornament.  And Maria sent the cutest bunting!  I forgot to take a photo while it was hanging, so use your imagination.  Now I'll always have a little Aussie flair to my holidays.  

And...I received my first ever hand knitted socks!  It's finally turned cold here, so I just may be wearing them tomorrow.  

Other December projects included two identical wall hangings, a cross stitched pillow, and three small quilts from the To-be-quilted pile.

The snowman doesn't show up very well, but he's melting in the Florida sunshine!  

Two of the three small quilts were made from scraps, in an effort to reduce the stash!  They will be donated for our Guild's service project.

The third small is one that I made with a small fat quarter bundle that had been collecting dust.  It's meant to be a table topper, and have a button sewed on each prairie point.  I might use it for a baby gift, though, so haven't added the buttons.

We made a quick trip to the shore for a couple of days before Christmas when the weather was unseasonably warm and just too perfect to ignore.  

We spent Christmas with family, and I got to finally meet my new great niece. She's a cutie!  We had a pretty laid back couple of days, but good times with family that we don't see often enough.  There was plenty of food, and all our stockings were filled by Santa.  My loot included thread, rotary blades, and a JoAnn's coupon.  Santa knows me well.  

January got off to a good start, with my first finish completed on January first. The fabric was a gift for Christmas 2010, the top was pieced at least 2-3 years ago, and now it's all put together.  As I was pinning it in preparation for quilting, it occurred to me that it was my last gift from my father, and I'll treasure it forever.

No New Year's resolutions for me this year.  Instead, I'm going to try some weekly goals.  I've made a list of possibilities, and I'm happy to say that Week One was a success, as will Week Two be.  One of the goals is to blog every day for the week.  Think I'll be successful at that one?  LOL!

Happy Stitching!             Sunny


  1. Lots of lovely crafting in your post.
    Lovely quilts and your final quilt will be a wonderful reminder of your father.

  2. Wonderful reminder quilt of your father. Love your pink Dresden also so many lovely finishes, well done Sunny :)

  3. OMGoodness Sunny the cross stitch you completed and have in your header is amazing.....
    NO please don't stop blogging, I would miss you sew much. :(
    Loved reading your long post....
    You sure have made a great start to the year.
    How nice to have the lovely quilt as a reminder of your Dad.....

  4. You CAN'T stop blogging!!! Isn't it funny how time gets away from us when we are retired? I love the pink dresden. Your Christmas header is beautiful. Is that an available pattern?

    It looks like it was a great Christmas. Have a wonderful 2016 too.

  5. No don't stop , you are an inspiration, I enjoy seeing what you are making . Great dresden ,luck and gorgeous cross stitch . The quilt you made from the gifted fabrics from your dad will always hold a special place in your heart.

  6. You have made and received some neat gifts--
    and yes--you have to keep blogging--even if it is once a week--what is this with every one going to facebook or Instagram??? I am a blogger through and through!!!
    Love my melting snowman pillow--got to start reading the book--
    have a great stitchy day--
    love, di

  7. I am glad your blogging.......lovely sewing projects and gifts.............

  8. What beautiful gifts you received and you have made such lovely quilts! I enjoy reading your blog.... long may it continue! Christine x

  9. Isn't retirement wonderful and it makes you realise how much work got in the way of all you wanted to do. I laughed when you said you had to search other people's stashes to get your pink. I think I would be the same.
    Lovely to see all the great gifts and the small quilts you have done.
    Well done on your first January finish. What a lovely treasure that will be.
    You did have crazy war weather there for a while! So pleased you had a lovely Christmas.

  10. Love Love Love your Christmas cross-stitch! Good for you to finish it up!! Your quilts are fun and I love your travel pictures. Sounds like your retirement is in full swing!

  11. Blog when you feel like it. We will all still be here following along with your projects.

  12. Sunny - your Dresden plate block is too pretty! You know I'm just loving your project. Di's gift really is something - very clever and pretty. And I love those snazzy socks! They are all Lovely gifts. I do hope you continue to blog. I love seeing what's up and seeing your photos. But I really understand if you stop.

  13. You have been busy! I love the stitchery you have in your header photo! Your new socks look very comfy. So wonderful to have a fond reminder of your father in a quilt. Please don't stop blogging! I was always enjoy your posts.

  14. Lovely sewing Post Sunny,
    It took me a while to get back to posting after a long break.
    Julia ♥

  15. Hi Sunny I would miss you if you stopped blogging,I love your Dresden and lots of beautiful gifts sent and received,I hope you had a lovely day my friend xx

  16. Well I hope you don't stop blogging girl, I think your "posting daily" didn't happen....lol...I'm trying to catch up after being so sick, I had no idea how far behind I was! I just love the quilt that was made with fabric your dad gave you. What a treasure, hon.


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