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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Days

The snow mountains have begun to recede.  We got out of the house today for something other than shoveling!  While we didn't have the required wind speeds for our snowstorm over the weekend to qualify as a blizzard, we had 'blizzard-like' conditions and nearly 30 inches of snow.  That's about 75cm to the rest of the world.  That's a lot of snow for us.  And a lot of shoveling.  Fortunately I had some help or I'd still be out there trying to free our cars from the drifts.

Of course, Snow Days = Sew Days!  And cleaning days.  I've spent a LOT of time lately trying to make my sewing/crafting room a more pleasant place to work.  And that means getting rid of a ton of stuff.  I've taken stuff to the Salvation Army, Parent-Child Center, Hospice, my sewing groups, friends, family, and some to the trash.  I've spent days shredding old records and statements.  Why did I still have some of this stuff?!?

Retreat is in a couple of weeks, and I've also been kitting, cutting, and prepping projects for that.  I'm going to plan on working on several smaller projects this time, so I can cross off more from my very long list.  I always take too many projects, but want to have something extra to work on in case I get bored. or forgot some crucial item.

RSC16 is off to a good start, and Blue is the color for January.  I'm going to attempt three different projects this year, as I barely made a dent in my scraps last year.
Not sure what this is called, but it's 16" and will be sashed with another white strip when the quilt is assembled.

I hope to do at least 4 string blocks each month.  I started with paper foundation, but found that muslin worked much better for me.  

And these will eventually be small spool blocks.  I need to get some brown fabric to complete them.  

I don't precut my scraps like many quilters do, so this took awhile, but I got in the groove and cut all the sizes at the same time, and then assembling them went rather quickly.  

I joined Gifted Gorgeousness (GG) again this year, but I didn't get anything stitched for January.  My project is Snow Days, designed by Kaaren Johnston of The Painted Quilt.  I won the pattern AND the fabric to make it in a drawing on Kaaren's blog a couple of years ago.  I should be able to get started on the stitching in a few days.

Knowing that Snow Days was on my to-do list, and knowing that it contained several embroidery blocks, I treated myself to a new light pad last year.  I'm not a fan of tracing while standing at a window, and my old light box was a joke.  Anyway, the new light pad is very thin and seems to be somewhat fragile, so I thought it needed a padded case.

 I showed these red hexies in progress several months ago, and was stumped on how to assemble this.  It's a simple envelope style, and it's finished, and I totally lost interest in it so the construction isn't the greatest.  But did I say "it's finished"?  And I used up some red scraps!

I've been doing a lot of cross stitching since I finished Santa's Village.  This pattern was purchased a few years ago, and finally made it out of the basket.  There is a plan for how it will be finished, so you'll be seeing it again soon.  yeah, how many times have I said that??

On a final note, I purchased some socks today.  They are in an envelope and heading to the Post Office tomorrow for a very special destination.  I didn't think to take a picture of them, but please check out this link for a Very Special Project.  You'll want to buy a pair of socks, too!

(Picture borrowed from Confessions of a Fabric Addict)

Stay tuned for my next post.  It might just involve palm trees, sand, and waves!       Sunny


  1. You sure have kept busy while you were snowed in Sunny.. Your Blue's for RSC16 , the red hexie padded cover looks great and I love the cross stitch you are working on....
    Oh those socks are fabulous.....

  2. hi Sunny,wow look at all that snow,lovely pics and i love all your projects you have been busy my friend,well done xx

  3. Oh wow that is a lot of snow. So many lovely projects to keep you busy when snowed in. Love your red hexie light pad cover.

  4. Goshj that is a LOT of snow - I love snow pics but understand it isn't as romantic as it seems! You seem like you are very organised and busy... how cool to be off on retreat soon. And you've got some gret projects on the go as well!

  5. Wow! You have had a lot of snow, so I hope you are tucked in nice and warm! Love all of your beautiful projects.... so pretty! Christine x

  6. You were very productive during the snow days! That's a lot to shovel.....and hope it disappears soon.

  7. Yes--you have been busy and cleaning out and getting rid of stuff is the hardest job of all--so congrads and getting that done--bet it feels like a whole new place now it is decluttered!! Love all your projects--and have fun on your trip--will miss not seeing you, but do understand the time thingy!!
    love and laughter, di

  8. I really feel like a slacker now, lol - wow you've been busy, and we don't even see pics of your cleaning! You sure did get a lot of snow.
    I LOVE your blues. I've not tried strings yet, maybe someday! And your light pad case is awesome. I love your cross-stitch pattern, so pretty!!!!

  9. Lots of lovely projects Sunny - I love your sailing ships! xx

  10. When you said snow mountains, you weren't kidding! That is a lot of snow. But is does look like you have been very productive with your inside time.I do love a good clean out. It really is a surprise every time when you see how much you can get rid of.
    Three different colour projects is a great way to go. And it looks like some good choices for your retreat.
    The slim line light boxes are lovely to use. great idea to make a cover for it. Loves the hexies in red.
    And the cross stitch bug has really grabbed you. Great work there, too.
    The socks are great fun.
    Stay warm.

  11. So glad I stopped by from Soscrappy RSC 16, because I love the idea of making spool blocks from strings in the rainbow colors this year. I will add that to the plans I have for my 1930s strings!

  12. Palm trees, sand & waves - OMG are you coming to visit me?! (we wish!)

    wow that snow storm was really something Sunny - glad you guys are ok - i've seen some incredible pics...
    isn't that light pad the best thing?! I have an A3 size & it's just the bomb, but so far I've been keeping it in its original box - you've made a clever stylish sleeve for it, well done!
    Take care & don't keep me guessing about the palm trees!

  13. Gosh so many beautiful projects I don't know where to start....well your blues are beautiful and the Snow Days pattern is lovely! What you did with the red hexies looks perfect! Stay warm!

  14. thats a lot of snow to clear away..........you've been busy sewing......all lovely........


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