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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ides of March

It's Retreat Season!  I've been to a Quilt Retreat, a Scrapbook Retreat, and there's another Quilt Retreat this weekend.  I spent today packing and prepping.  And doing laundry.  And some cleaning. Now I can go off with my peeps for the weekend, with a clear conscience.

I recently had a birthday, and received a fun package from my friend Maria.  A sewing mat for under my machine, and a matching thread/scrap catcher!  She also included some needles and two very pretty buttons.  Thanks Maria!
I'm a little behind on posting my progress for Gifted Gorgeousness, so here are my Jan., Feb., and March pieces.  The photos are awful because it's nighttime.  Number four is prepped for Retreat.  It feels good to be caught up.  

I've also made some progress with purple scraps for  RSC16,  I love making string blocks - never thought I'd say that.  

 And I think I forgot to post this quilt earlier.  I purchased a fat quarter bundle in Lancaster County a couple of years ago, and wanted to make something Amish inspired.
I'll leave you with a couple of nature photos - surprise!  We went to a Wildlife Management Area this past weekend to see some migrating Snow Geese.  We were a couple of days too late to see the largest number of birds, but there was still an impressive display.

Off to a sewing day with friends tomorrow, and then Retreat on Thursday.  What a life!

Keep on stitching...... Sunny


  1. Life sounds pretty good there sunny enjoy your retreat.....

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun happening enjoy your retreats !!

  3. enjoy your retreat always fun to sew with friends. and the stresses of home go away for a bit. happy belated birthday!

  4. Love your embroidery blocks and the beautiful purple RSC blocks Sunny. Have a lovely time at your retreat! Christine x

  5. Pleased the mat fits under your machine...loved making those gifts...
    Great blocks and your little Amish style quilt is lovely...
    Have fun at your retreat.. We are having a Stay At Home retreat this weekend too.

  6. I admit I'm a little jealous. I have two things I want to do when I'm past the worst of this: go to the beach and go to a quilt retreat!

  7. I hope you have fun and get lots accomplished at retreat.

    Your gifts from Maria are perfect and look fabulous. Happy belated birthday.

    Your blocks look wonderful. I also love making string blocks.

  8. Oh now--you caught me sleeping on the job--forgot your birthday--sorry--so Happy Birthday dear friend--
    love your embroidery panels--cute--and pretty purple blocks--
    and another pretty blue quilt--
    nice nature photos too--
    you have been busy--
    have fun this week end-
    love and laughter. di

  9. Belated Happy Birthday!! Your PURPLE projects are coming along nicely.

  10. Your pics are lovely. Enjoy your retreat.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Love your gifts. Those snowmen are so sweet, and I love the purple blocks [although I don't like purple, lol] - are string blocks hard to do? I LOVE your Amish-inspired quilt, so gorgeous! And those birds - oh I would love to see that in person. WOW.

  12. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.
    Or should that be GGGGGG for the triple post?
    How lovely to be so busy with so many retreats, I am quite envious!
    I love all those different purple scraps.
    Happy Belated Birthday too!

  13. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your retirement/quilting time, lovely projects and quilts. Wow those birds are amazing! They must have been wonderful in person.

  14. Two retreats in a row. Lucky you!! Love what you are doing with the colour blocks and the embroideries.
    Your little Amish style quilt is gorgeous.
    And happy birthday to you!!!

  15. Lovely presents from Maria and you have been busy! Love all your stuff, especially the Amish Inspired top......what will you make this weekend on the retreat?

  16. All the Retreats sound great Sunny... enjoy! The goodies from Maria are fab...

  17. First a VERY belated Happy Birthday! Lovely gifts from Maria. I have plans to make a sewing mat like that, I think it will be really handy. Love your little Amish quilt. You take such gorgeous wildlife photos! I always enjoy them.

  18. I used to do a retreat every year and loved it - I don't get to go any more but I sure do miss it! blessings, marlene


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