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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wrapping up February

February was a very busy month.  We started the month in sunny Florida, spending time hiking, hanging at the beach, and visiting with family and friends.

We were home for two days, just long enough to unpack, do laundry, and take off for Retreat!!!  I worked on several small projects this year, and have put on the finishing touches since returning home.

Heather from Happy Appliquer sent me this pattern a few years ago when she was finished with it.  The picture below is the back, using up more scraps.  Thanks Heather!

This was designed by my friend Allie at Allie-Oops Designs.  Fun pattern!
At retreat, all the rooms except mine had a small quilted wall hanging.  My room has one now.
 Several more rows were added to my afghan while on vacation, and I finished up the 150 yo yo's that I need for a project coming up later this year.

Since yesterday was an extra day, I spent my time sewing with a friend, and made all my brown blocks for RSC16.  I had cut out everything earlier, so the sewing went quickly while we chatted and got caught up.
I'm planning to make at least 4 strip pieced blocks each month.

I don't know what this block is called, but I'm making one each month, and they will be sashed with another white strip.

That's it for now!  I've thought of a few more things to tell you, so hopefully, I'll be back in a few days.

Keep on stitching...... Sunny


  1. You have been a busy girl, your mini quilts look great Sunny.

  2. Oh my where to start - were you in Tarpon Springs? I LOVE Tarpon Springs!! I used to have family there. Your pics are superb, especially the butterfly, pelican and alligator....wow. I'm so in love with your version of my pattern, I've linked you on my blog to get folks over here to see it!
    And I love everything you got done. I think I need to go on that retreat, if that's the kind of productivity you have! I really like that block with the white sashings, it reminds me of cobblestones. And the scrappy back on that Christmas quilt!!

  3. Oh gorgeous pics as always Sunny - so much great sewing there - what on earth do you need so many yo-yos for?! great effort with them! I'm very curious about how you do your strip blocks, how do you do yours?
    And now it's March, best month of the year, don't you think?!?!

  4. You are living the good life!!! I love the sweet sailboat quilt you left in your room.

  5. Beautiful photographs Sunny! You have been busy and your projects are all gorgeous! I particularly like the sail boat quilts.... so pretty! Christine x

  6. Visiting from Allie's blog. Wow! You accomplished a lot and I'm loving all your projects! Your pics from Florida are gorgeous!

  7. I'm visiting from Allie's, too. Her sailboats are my current project as well; I'm doing a new tree skirt for us. Love your sunny pictures, too.

  8. My goodness you have been busy--love everyone of those projects you have finished and am waiting to see what you do with all those yo-yos--
    and love the photography photos at the end of the post--great job--
    love and laughter, di

  9. Love your boats! Allie does great designs, doesn't she. I also like the string blocks you were making with your friend. What fun to sew together.

  10. Lots to look at, you have been busy with all your lovely projects. Love the sailboat in your room.

  11. Gracious, you have been stitching........ Now I must try to get to the machine some time today..........

    Everything looks great......

  12. Hi Sunny lots of lovely pics and I always love seeing your beautiful work,well done my friend xx

  13. Lovely work on your mini quilts and how good of you to supply one for the retreat room.
    Looks like you have good plans in place for the colour challenge.
    Gorgeous butterfly picture.

  14. I'm so happy you get to run around and enjoy life! All 150 yoyos! Wow - they are going to make a great project. I love making yoyos.

  15. Lovely post Sunny - in spite of all your tripping around you have got heaps done! Love all your hangings and great work on your scrappy blocks :-) Beautiful nature photos!


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