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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Challenge

I thought I had all day to complete a couple more small gifts and get them posted, but I forgot about the time zone issue! So here, just in the nick of time (I hope) is a picture of the dishcloths that I made with one skein of yarn. The really nice part is that these were supposed to be made for a gift LAST Christmas! Thanks to Early Birds, it's a check mark on my to-do list, and I already had the yarn!

More later today, but for now, I must hit the POST button.


  1. Hope you made the deadline sunny. I had trouble reading your post. The printing is not very clear on your new background.

  2. No problem Sunny...only 10.35pm here and you have until midnight, so I've got your pic to post. Thanks for your Early Bird Challenge entry...I'll be putting 2 gifts alongside your name on my sidebar. Hope you enjoy my July challenge.

  3. What a lovely gift for someone to receive. All reports are that once you have used a hand knitted or crocheted dish cloth you won't use anything else.

  4. Janice: you are sooo right!!! They are the best dishcloths!!!

    Sunny: I'd love the pattern... {and Your Peonies are beautiful!!!! How I miss my "northern" gardens!} And, Yes, I would love for you to show me how to "link" from one post to another...


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