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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've Got Mail!

Since I started blogging about six months ago, I've blog-hopped all over the world. I've seen a couple of references to the magazine, Australian Homespun that looked like it has some lovely things in it. Since I don't live in Australia, it was cost-prohibitive to buy a couple of issues. However......I now have friends in Australia! So I contacted Maria of Life on the Block fame and asked if she would consider sending me a couple of issues. She very graciously sent me two issues, along with one of her siggy blocks, a beautiful bookmark, a birdhouse pin, and a piece of very fun fabric!

In return, I'm going to send her some fabric. I'll be shopping next weekend, Maria! Thanks again.


  1. Hi Sunny--if you like those magazines I know where you can order them from here in the US--just let me know and I will send you the website address!!! I love them myself!!!
    have fun reading--
    Hugs, Di

  2. I am so pleased you like your mags Sunny.

    Oh Your blog is great to read now.


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