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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nature's Glory and a quilt

Yes, we went hiking again today, and hubby didn't try to kill me this time!  Today's trail would definitely qualify as easy.  It was a trail around a lake that we like to kayak in.  It was so beautiful.  If you'd care to join me today, you'll need all your senses.  I'm not skillful enough with a camera to begin to capture the beauty of fall in the woods, so today I tried to enjoy with all my senses. The air was cool on my arms as we started out, and the sun warmed my  skin in some areas.  I could smell the duskiness of the fall leaves as we crunched through them.  The only sounds today were the crunching leaves and a dog barking in the distance.  When we took our break before we turned around, it was so incredibly still - just the whisper of wind in the leaves and a couple of birds calling out.  I bit into a cool, crisp apple, but then I didn't even want to chew because it broke the stillness.

As we returned to the car, the shadows were getting very long, and there wasn't enough good light to get a good picture. Hubby was ahead of me, and suddenly he called out to me to hurry up! He'd found the best picture of the day, and so it was.

I know I'm not the only one inspired by nature.  Check out this beautiful quilt that I stumbled across a few days ago at Seaside Stitches.  I would love to be this creative!!

I promised you a quilt, so here is my (almost) finished baby quilt.  Fiona has decided to work properly so I was able to sew on the binding last night, and I expect to finish it tomorrow night.  She was just being stubborn last week because I called her the wrong name, and because some idiot  I had threaded the bobbin improperly.  She's feeling much better now!

Thanks for stopping by!  I am living my life with an attitude of gratitude.       Sunny


  1. Thank you Sunny for sharing your beautiful walk. How gorgeous are those trees and the photo of there shadow in the water is great.
    Even your baby quilt are Fall colours.
    Will pop over to have a look at Seaside Stitches now.

  2. What a fabulous description of your walk. Thank you for taking me there with you

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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