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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Quilting Gods

The Quilting God was smiling   :-)  on me today!  I had to go to a staff retreat in Gettysburg and then I had a hair appointment on the way home.  There was about a half hour to kill in between, so I was finally going to have the opportunity to stop at the quilt shop that I pass by, but it's always too late to stop.  Then the retreat got out early, and I was so happy!!  Guess what ~ the quilt shop is closed on Tuesday.    :-(  So much for the quilt God.  My second choice for a visit was Boyd's Bear Country.

They are preparing for Christmas.  The giant tree is set up and some of the lights have been put on.  There are lots of Christmas Bears, and even some Angels.  I love angel bears, so naturally one followed me home.  It's another sickness.
In other Smiley   :-)  news, I got a call that there is a last-minute opening for our Guild's retreat in a couple of weeks.  When  I tried to sign up last week, I was told that they were full.  Now I get to go!!!!  Happy Dancing here!

I leave you with a picture taken in the area of Boyd's.  It's a beautiful rural scene, and the colors are really starting to turn now.
Living my life with an attitude of gratitude.      Sunny


  1. A good day in a round about way. :-)

  2. Oh Sunny what a beautiful place to visit. Just loved your pics.I am sure one of those bears would have jumped into my bag too.

    When we went for our walk along the beach today we were delighted to see a big pelican surfing the waves and getting a fed of fish. DAH!!! did not have my camera. told the ladies "Sunny would love to have a photo of this" :(

  3. LOL!! Sunny you crack me up. Sorry you didn't make the quilt store - another day maybe. The pictures are beautiful.

  4. There's obviously a reason why you never get in the quilt shop. are you sure hubby isn't paying them to shut whenever they see you.
    I'm glad you get to the retreat after all. Have a great time

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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