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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No One Told Me!

When I completed my first quilt a year ago, I was taught how to sew down the binding on the machine.  Later, I made a large wall-hanging, and I once again did the binding on the machine.  I wasn't happy with the results, however, so I vowed to do them by hand in the future.  Somehow, that didn't sound like fun, so the quilts have been piling up.  Not a large pile, mind you, because I work full time.  And I like to travel and take pictures on the weekends.  Some of you make more quilts in a month than I've made in a year.  One of my Sept./Oct goals for CGQC was to finish all my bindings.  I love doing it!  I started on #4 tonight (of 4) and I feel so liberated that they're moving from the UFO pile to completed projects! 

Forgive the boring pictures, but I'm EXCITED! And I'm easily amused.

Keep on sewing!    Sunny


  1. what a pretty pile of quilts and the binding look really good--I do like to hand sew them--it is relaxing to me!!!
    Keep up the good work--and we all work at different paces--so do not feel bad about how little you think you get done--just keep doing the important things--like blogging and taking pictures and eating chocolate!!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. I think you have done a super "job" now. Lovely bits and pieces you have got:)) How nice colors you have used.

    Doing my very first quilt,I did not know what
    binding was. So I did cut the backing rather big,then folded it to the front. Well,it has been like this for about 15 years,but may be one day ............ I`ll do it properly.

    Happy Sewing:-)

  3. Well done. I enjoy hand sewing my bindings down. I prefer the look of hand sewn bindings to machine sewn so I've always done it that way.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Well done my friend. I'm affraid I am lazy and machine stitch most of my bindings. Especially ones that will be washed a lot.
    Oh I AM in the Secret Santa Swap. YEH!!

  5. That's very EXCITING! WHOHOOOOOOO!!!!

  6. I love to hand stitch bindings and I'm so glad you found that you enjoy doing it, as well.

    Have fun. :-)

  7. Good for you! I hand sew and don't mind it at all. I do it while watching TV or movies.


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