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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One-Flower Wednesday (my first)

It's not complete because I had Quilt Club tonight, and got home late.  But I got started!  Another great project to work on while watching TV.

I also received my new camera today! 
I still have my DSLR, but sometimes it's just nice to have a small camera in my purse.  This is faster than my old camera, and it has some nice features that I'm anxious to try out.  I'll try not to do photo overkill on the blog.

Living my life with an attitude of gratitude......Sunny


  1. beautiful! Well done Sunny.
    It is very nice and the colours so delicate.
    You won't be able to stop stitching now...
    Hexis are great fun and so easy to make one or two wherever we are.
    Congrats for the new camera.
    Welcome to Hexie Club and enjoy it.

  2. Love your hexie, great colour.
    Lucky girl receiving a new camera. I do what to see lots of photos.

  3. Oh what a sweet hexie. And your camera - great! I'm ready for photo overkill! LOL!!

  4. Hi Sunny I haven't visited you for a while I have been sooo busy around here ,had a lot of frames to make we are having elections over here so now it is quite, thanks for stopping by to admire my new top I sewed up the other day I have worn it already and got some compliments ,now the wheather has gotten cold,I see you have been busy nice flowers,I like your photos of nature and I can't wait to see the photos with your new camera,enjoy it. I like your pumkin photo header now I'll visit your other blog,xoxo theodora

  5. I love your flower too!!!
    I mean it -- one of these days--
    I am going to make some--
    maybe the second Tuesday of next week will be a good time to start them!!!! lol
    Hugs, Di and Gracie

  6. Welcome to the OFW team, Sunny. You've made a great start - I look forward to seeing your garden grow!!

  7. Welcome to One Flower Wednesday Sunny! Your flower is beautiful and that looks like a great camera.

    Please be sure to add your link to this weeks Sign In Sheet, other members do not know you have posted.

  8. Welcome to One Flower Wednesday!
    You made a great start with your flower!


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