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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One (two) flower Wednesday

I actually have two flowers this week because I finished the one from last week.  This week was a little challenging because I was fussy cutting to make all the petals the same.  It was supposed to be for a swap, but I don't think it's good enough, so I'll try another this weekend.  Oh - maybe that means I need to buy some new fabric??

We're going to do something different and very fun on Saturday.  The new camera will definitely be getting a workout, so come back Sunday if you like lots of photos.  Hint: 

living life with an attitude of gratitude......Sunny


  1. Both your flowers look gorgeous.

  2. Sunny I think your flowers are beautiful.You did a great job of the fussy cutting.

    AH!! Are you going to an Apple Orchard!!

  3. perfection indeed!
    They are glorious.
    waiting to see your pic next w-end.
    Must say that red fruit is my favorite.... capital sin!

  4. What a neat header! Love the pumpkins! And those flowers are amazing!

  5. Well I wouldnt mind getting those patches for a swap, I think they are sweet.

  6. I would be delighted to receive your fussy cut flower in a swap!! Love them both!

  7. They look great. You did a wonderful job on your fussy cutting and anyone would be delighted to receive your flowers! But,I must say it is always "fun" to go shopping for more "fabric"------- :) Thanks for sharing, Carolyn

  8. Both of your flowers are beautiful. Anybody would be very happy to receive the fussy cut flower in a swap!

  9. Lovely flowers. Make me think of the sun.

  10. I think your fussy cut hexis look good. If you really don't want them I'll take them.


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