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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Any Stay-at-Home-Robins out there?

Several member of our Guild and Quilt Club recently finished a Round Robin, and brought their quilts in for Show 'n Tell.  I fell in love with all of them.  Totally awesome!  I would love to participate in a Round Robin, BUT:  I know my sewing skills are not up to par with these women, and they would never invite me to join them.  ALSO:  I couldn't afford the postage, etc. right now.  SO:  I would love to participate in a Stay at Home Robin.  Does anyone know of any that are starting up?  Would anyone like to help me organize one?  I've never done such a thing, so I can only guess how they work. 

Thoughts?    Comments?    Suggestions?

Counting my many blessings.....Sunny


  1. hey Sunny, you always know I'm up for a challenge but do wonder about my time availability right now... do you mean a R-R where we only work on our own, but each month we have a requirement to meet eg this month the border needs to include triangles, or appliqué, or something like that???

  2. A Stay at Home robin is a new one on me. I've seen them mentioned before but have no idea how they work. Let me know what you find out.

  3. I did a Round Robin last year and we stuck to our own country so that postage was minimal .. .. .. I guess what you are really looking for is a quilt a long?

  4. I did several round robins several years ago.... What a wonderful way to stretch your abilities........ How good you are now is not important.....

    I could be interested... What were you thinking?

  5. I'm like you - I would love to do a round robin, but I don't feel my quilting skills are up it. And what if I didn't know what to do for the row? I'm in! Whether it's mailing here in the states as long as the others knew it wouldn't be quilt police perfect, or we each worked only on our own. Linda in Calif.

  6. I found this on the net for you


    You can adjust as you see what fits your group.

    Group size: 5 or 6 people

    You may choose your group by March meeting or if you would like to be in a group but would like to be randomly chosen we will do that at the end of the meeting. Sign a slip of paper for either a beginning or experienced quilter at the program table and put in the bowl.

    Center should be: 18”sq or 24”sq or 18” X 24” or your choice in size. The bigger you make it the more the people adding rounds will have to do.
    Fabric: You may include all fabrics that you want used in your quilt or each person must add one fat quarter
    Include a label that each person may sign and a journal tell why you made the original piece and each person can add a comment about choices.
    Be sure to include instructions in your box or bag so the others know what you envision as a finished project (maybe at the beginning of your journal). Do you want only the fabric you provided or may others be added? What will the finished project be used for: tablecloth, wall hanging, or lap quilt? Will your quilt have a season theme or color scheme? What kind of appliqué do you want used or not used in your quilt?
    The rounds may include but are not limited to: center, border and checkers, flying geese, star and/or appliqué, half square triangles and outside border. The owner is free to alter, add, adjust or do anything they want with the quilt. (You know if you don’t consider it a keeper for you I’m sure Georgina could find a good home for it.)
    As a group, decide:
    How each other’s projects will be exchange. At the guild meeting or if someone can’t make it how it will be exchanged.
    We will show our progress (note I didn’t say finished project) at the Christmas party - so- are you going to be sure the first person has hers back in September or when. This allows for an additional month for a person in the group if they need it.
    How will the quilt be rotated – draw number, alphabetical by last name or what?
    Do you want to include a stand-by person or helper person in your group? This person would fill in for someone gone a month or that has to drop out of the group. Do you know someone or do you want to be one for another group?
    Please select a lead person to call for instructions if someone in the group has missed the meeting? The instructions for the next round will be in the newsletter but that may be too late for you.
    I may add instructions later but this list will do for now. I have never done a round robin so I may have left something important off. Please let me know if you think of something that should be included or add to make this more fun.

    At each meeting I will demonstrate how to do the round and give instructions. If you are a new quilter this may make this a way to learn new tricks and feel more confident.

    Now, one more option:


    This is the person who would prefer to make the whole quilt themselves. You may follow the guidelines and rounds and make your own quilt. You may choose this option if you are planning on traveling for a length of time. To me this option wouldn’t be as much fun but you will still have the fun of showing at the Christmas party.

  7. This is the stitching one I did last year


  8. Hi Sunny! I belong to the Shepherdstown Eagle Nest Blog, or Eaglet Momsters. I saw your post then went to "see you" on your blog page. WOW!
    I live in Frederick, MD., have 5 cats and fostering 3 kittens now for Animal Welfare League.

    I love quilts...am learning to quilt...I love to cut simple quilts, piecing is tough for me. Lots to learn, but really want to hand quilt.
    My mother is a crazy-fast quilt top maker! At least 30 in the past 2 years or less - and all of them bed sizes. I'm a fabric freak and probably inherited that from her. :)

    Oh, LOVE embroidery, too! I have an antique Crazy Quilt with some gorgeous stitching and ribbon embroidry and all fancy stitched pieces. It's a beauty but the silk is now in shards.

    Anyway, I would love to do something with your group if you set up something. Loriolive@gmail.com

  9. I don't know about Stay At Home Robins, but it sounds like fun. I'll be watching for yours to see how it works......maybe I'll participate in one someday. The quilts look beautiful. I can see why you would want to start one :-)

  10. I live in Maryland, too. Maybe you could organize a MD one (for newer quilters without the requisite skills for an established quilt guild)? At the beginning of the year 2012?

  11. This one started at the end of May. Wouldn't take much to catch up. Plus, there are two other Round Robins that are finished but you could always work on one of those too.


  12. I am an admirer of the round robins too! I had a friend who did this with her guild and I followed along with her via the phone, she lives in Idaho and there were days she was not sure it would all turn out but, they ALL came out awesome! Have you found one to join? Will be curious to see what comes...


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