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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Madame Foreperson, BSA, and FNSI

MADAME FOREPERSON:  Trial court in a Circuit Court in small town USA isn't anything like what you see on TV.  This is my second week of Jury Duty, and I was actually chosen as a juror today.  And then the judge called my number to serve as Foreperson.
After we were selected, we were taken out of the courtroom for a 'comfort break' and to turn in our telephones.  About ten minutes later, when we were taken back into the courtroom (the foreperson gets a specific seat!), we were told that while we were out, the defendant had plead guilty, and that we were excused with the thanks of the court.    So that's my exciting story about serving as a Juror.  I don't have to report again this week, and then there are two more weeks left in my term.

BSA:  I received not one but TWO basket blocks today from my BSA Partners!
The first one is from Q in Australia, and is very different from the others I've received, but will fit in perfectly.  The center flower is fussy cut, and is just perfect.  It's difficult to see in the photo, but there are empbroidered stems and leaves linking the baskets with the flower.
The second block is from Jamie in Maryland!  I haven't found many fellow quilt bloggers from my own state, and perhaps we can get together and meet some day.  Her basket features beautiful appliqued flowers, in a multitude of pretty colors.  Again, it's so different, but will fit in perfectly. 

I've set up a separate page (see tab above, under my header) to show all of my BSA blocks.  I just love this swap and all the beautiful blocks that I've received.

FNSI:  Don't forget that this Friday is Friday Night Sew In.  Click on the link on my right sidebar for more information or to sign up.  Everyone is welcome!  And if you're in the US, you know it's too hot to do anything outdoors, so let's get some sewing done.

Counting my blessings....Sunny


  1. wow...that was a short "stint" on duty. I would HATE to not have my phone for hours at a time! I'd feel like I was in prison...what if??? something drastic happened and I couldn't get the call? There could be a 75% off sale at the LQS? or something like that...YIKES!


  2. That's good the defendant pled guilty, saved everyone a lot of time. Beautiful blocks and it's so neat to do a quilt with different blocks from different people. Good idea to make a page for it.

  3. Glad you got out of that case. I like the blocks you received.

  4. I've never been on jury duty and don't really care to either , I think it must be very stressful. Nice basket blocks and I had a look at the others you have received , all very nice .

  5. Pleased you did not have to serve on the case.
    Lovely blocks Sunny.
    I have signed up for FNSI. Will hand stitch some hexies.

  6. Hi Sunny, I am so glad you received your block and very happy that you like it, I still find swapping very daunting, I received yours on Sunday and am about to blog about it, I love it so much! (Well I had peeked on your blog, but I still love it!)

  7. Great way to do jury duty! I am amazed that you have to serve for a month.
    You have received some beautiful blocks. You mentioned finding someone in you state through the swap - I just found someone from my TOWN through comments left here for you :)

  8. Love that second basket block! and congrats on the short term jury duty!


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