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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goin' to the Quilt Show!

What do this

And this

have in common?  I mean besides eating chocolate while quilting?  Quilt Show in Hershey PA, and I'm going tomorrow with my friend Louie.  Hi Louie!  I've got a few dollars in my wallet, and the camera batteries are charged.  We're not taking any classes, just looking at all the pretties.

If you're interested in the Stay at Home Robin, please go HERE to sign up!

Counting my blessings.....Sunny


  1. I wish I could get away this weekend....I would love to go to Hershey. Lucky you.

  2. How much fun you will have. Enjoy and take pictures!

  3. Hope you had fun and saw lots of beautiful quilts!

  4. Have a wonderful time at the quilt show! I'm attending a quilt show here in California too :)


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