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Saturday, March 31, 2012

And so the month ends....

In my time zone, there are almost two hours left in March, and I've finished one more project.  Here's my Christmas Through the Year gift.

I was inspired by Quilt Hollow, who found her tutorial at the Moda Bake Shop.  I've always admired Cathedral windows, and now I know just how simple they are to make!  I'll be making more when I'm not so rushed.  Try one if you haven't already!

Sadly, my arthritis is acting up, and I tried to quilt tonight, but I just couldn't do it.  Sew, there's no Sew It's Finished for this month.  But tomorrow is a new month, and I can start on all new projects.  I've already kitted up my ornament for the month and chosen a pattern for my BSA block.  I'm pretty well adjusted to being back to work now, so I should be more productive in April.

One last little thing to share.  I work for a very large global company.  Yesterday at lunchtime, I was sitting in my car playing Words With Friends with my friend Kate in Australia.  So it seemed very ironic to hear a 'clip clop' sound, and see this buggy go by. 
A tale of two centuries?

Stitch on, my friends.........Sunny


  1. Glad you're feeling more back to normal Sunny! It's always hard to adjust to a new routine. I love your Cathedral Windows pin cushion. So cute! And love the buggy photo. :o)

  2. glad you are adjusting to things now Sunny,love the horse and cart.xx

  3. I have wanted to try that pin cushion tutorial, yoursviscsobpretty!

  4. LOVE that pincushion - I've saved the pdf of that project and I'm hoping to try it soon. Of course, I say that about all of them, lol. Cute bear too!

    I'm sorry to hear your arthritis is acting up, spring and autumn usually seem worse for some reason - I hope you're feeling better soon, hon.

  5. I've wanted to give that pincushion a try. One of these days I'll find the time. That arthritis is no fun at all and you deserve to have all the fun you can stand. ;)

  6. The horse and cart made me smile - oh I do love it
    And your pincushion is so pretty

  7. Love the cathedral window pincushion sunny.
    Great shot of the horse and cart.
    Hope the arthritis is feeling better.
    I am off to do my swap block.

  8. Gorgeous little pin cushion. Hope you do have a chance to make more.
    Love seeing the horse and cart.

  9. Sweet little pincushion. Hope your arthritis is better soon so you can be stitching again.

  10. Love that little pincushion. Give your hands a rest and before you know it you'll back quilting again.

  11. I just love your pincushion. I got addicted and actual had the leave the room, so as not to make 10 more!
    Hope your hands feel better soon!

  12. It's a beauty! I've got two more of them ready to finish up. Wasn't that easy and fun? I hope you feel well my friend.

  13. Great pincushion. The colors are pretty and the button is perfect! I am hoping to make one or two of these myself.

  14. I love that pincushion...great job!! So sorry about your arthritis...hope it calms down so you can get back to your stitching. Love the horse and buggy picture.

  15. Hope your arthritis is a bit less painful now. Does the warmer weather help it a bit? Love the horse and cart, if the petrol goes up much more we will have to get one of those!
    Those Cathedral wheel always look pretty complicated to me, yours looks sweet.

  16. Cute teddy and I love the pincushion. I'm going to try to make one too. WWF! I love that game. Send me an invite:

  17. Love the pin cushion. Hope you feel better soon!

  18. I'm sorry that you've been "plagued" by arthritis... NO FUN!! Hope you are better =)

    That's really a fun thing to do...to make cathedral pincushions!
    I'm gonna have to try some of those! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I visited the Amish...out in the country of Pennsylvania. They are really very special people. There is quite a calm, loving, patient spirit about them. Their children are soooo well behaved too.


  19. Great work! Bear with cushion looks really cute

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  20. Hope your arthritis is better,bad thing to experience.Lovely cushion
    and the horse and cart of another time. Amish quilters are good!
    Happy Working:-)

  21. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Sunny...


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