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Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Flower Thursday (?) and Scooter update

This picture was taken just moments ago, with Scooter on the sofa in the living room, where she belongs in the evening!  She was still in 'seclusion' when I left for work this morning, but was waiting by the kitchen when I came home.  She had a nice dinner, and I gave her a little belly rub, which is one of our little rituals.  She seems totally normal.  I'll keep a close eye on her for a few days, looking for any strange behavior. 

Because of her little disappearing act last night, I didn't get much done.  DH is out of town for a couple of days, and I was really looking forward to my Home Alone night.  Do you think his feelings would be hurt if I asked him to stay away for an extra night?  I did finally stitch a flower, and added it to the others that I made over the weekend at my retreat.  Saturday was a beautiful day, and a friend wanted to sit out on the porch and sew down a binding, so I grabbed my hexie kit and joined her.  I had raided the scrap basket earlier, so had a few little snippets of fabric that wanted to join my garden.

Spring has sprung here in Western Maryland.  I was shocked on Sunday when I got home from the retreat, and saw that our trees had turned white.  I was only gone a little more than 48 hours!

We also have daffodils in bloom, and a few tulips are beginning to open.  The neighbors have beautiful azaleas, and I'm seeing tulip magnolias and forsythia in all their glory.  I just love watching the earth come back to life in the spring. We were thinking of going to Washington DC on Saturday to see the cherry blossoms, but I think there's rain in the forecast for the weekend, and they'll be past peak, so we probably won't make it this year. 

This picture was taken Monday morning, and the daffodils on the left side of the sidewalk still haven't opened.  They look like they're going to burst, but I think someone glued them shut?

In case you're wondering, I didn't finish any projects at the retreat, but I'll try to have pictures by the end of this weekend.

Contentedly watching my kitties.......Sunny


  1. Happy to hear that Scooter is back on her regular place. Hope she is feeling better. And I'm jealous to see all the flowers in bloom including your hexies! I miss cherry blossoms this time of the year ever since moved to the U.S..

  2. Where did you find her? I was going to suggest behind the dryer because one of my cats hid back there and I was a frantic mess looking for him. Another once climbed up into the ceiling through a ceiling tile, but I knew where he was since I could hear him meowing and walking around until I could coax him back out. I hope everything is okay. Must love cats is my motto.

    The weather certainly is like summer, at least for another day. I've been enjoying lots of time outside with the kiddos. Hope you have a relaxing and sewful weekend.

  3. how pretty are those trees,lovely pics ,hope your fur baby is okay.xx

  4. I'm so glad that you found Scooter. Those trees are gorgeous. Spring is here!

  5. Very pleased with a safe return!
    The blossoms and daffodils look lovely.

  6. Our tulip magnolias have already dropped their petals and my May blooming tulips are up and ready to open. It seems like someone hit the fast forward button doesn't it?
    Oh and you missed peak I think it was yesterday. DD says all the cherry blossoms are falling.

    So happy to hear that Scooter acting more normal.

  7. Happy that your kitty is doing better. Those trees are simply gorgeous. My favorite time of year seeing everything come back to life!

  8. Good news that Scooter is home once again.......

    Your yard is fantastic.... What a lovely breath of spring for you to see each day.........

  9. Those trees are absolutely beautiful.....

  10. I'm glad you found Scooter safe and sound.

    The trees are beautiful.

  11. I guess Scooter just needed a break. Maybe he/she was upset that your husband left. I'm just glad things are back to normal.

  12. So happy that Scooter is trying to be at normal again--kitty might have been acting out about you going back to work after having had you home for so long!!!!
    Love those pictures--
    but I am afraid we are going to go back to cold temps this next week--
    hugs, Di and miss gracie

  13. Happy that you found Scooter and she seems ok. Love your hexagons, too.

  14. So glad Scooter is safe! I know that was sooooooooo scary!
    Your yard looks beautiful.

  15. Hi Sunny I am sorry to hear your scooter is not feeling well I hope he sticks around and stops hiding from you, your blossoms are so beautiful at first I thought it had snowed . and your flower garden is growing I haven't been around lately I have been busy preparing for a trip and feeling a bit nervous and anxious about it I wish you well.xoxo theodora


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