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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Caught Up

As much as I love having a paycheck, working for a living certainly interferes with my schedule!  My body clock has adjusted, and all is well with the cats, so I'm starting to be a little more productive.  If it weren't for all my online groups, this month would have been a waste, but I'm trying like heck to meet all my 'obligations' and stay on track. 

Please note the temperature recorded by my car, on my way to work Tuesday morning, approximately 2 minutes after sunrise.

Here is the same shot the following morning at the same time!

And this is what the ground looked like.

But it is NOT snow - we had a Blossom Blizzard!  Remember the white blooms on the trees last week?  Bye bye blossoms.  A few more gratuitous flower pictures before I get to the stitchy stuff, because in case I haven't mentioned it a time or twenty, I LOVE SPRING!!

While we're on the subject of flowers, I only made one hexie flower this week.  But I did count all my flowers, and I will only be making white flowers for the next few weeks.  But first, I need to find more of my white fabric. 
And these beautiful  flowers arrived in the mail yesterday, all the way from Croatia!  Thanks Simona.

Today's mail brought my monthly basket block, this time from Kim B.  It's a beauty!  I think this is 18 or 19 blocks now, so I need to change my theme soon, and start assembling a basket quilt.

I just finished Kim's block tonight, and it was a challenge. I think I used an entire spool of thread, sewing and ripping and sewing and ripping and sewing again.  If she doesn't like it, I don't want to know about it.  Just kidding, Kim.   sort of.

And now for my OPAM.  I've had a vision in my head, (yes, along with the little voices) for awhile now, and I've been searching for a template to make some little thimbles.  While at my retreat last weekend, I noticed our hostess had a tiny little thimble wall hanging, so I inquired as to where she had found the template.  She said it had been part of a kit, and she would find it and lend it to me.  So I put my other projects on hold, and started cutting thimbles. 

Ta Da!  I bought this old frame a few months ago, and was saving it just for this project.  I photographed it without the glass, because the glass is convex - it's so cool!  Do you think I should add a couple of buttons or something to the strip where the word is?

The other project I worked on at the retreat is my NewFO for the month. 

I just need to applique some leaves to the nine flower blocks, and then assemble it.  It will be an easy finish for next month.  I'm mentally changing the outside border because I don't like what the pattern calls for. 

Oops, almost forgot my ornament for the Ornament a month Challenge,  I picked a very quick and easy pattern this month.  It's a freebie, but I don't remember where I found it.  If you know, please help me out so I can give credit where credit is due.

I think that's it for tonight.  I still have to come up with a finish for Sew It's Finished, and I still need to make a gift for Christmas Through the Year.  I'll be back in a couple of days with the results! 

Contentedly, Sunny


  1. You've still managed to achieve well! Your thimble idea is a great one. And I like the look of your NewFo project :-)Great to see you moving along with your hexie-flowers - very nice. Pleased to hear all is well on the pussycat front. Ohh and I lovethe tulips!!

  2. I can't believe you're getting all this done while working - you are amazing. Your flowers are gorgeous, both fabric and not, lol, and I adore your thimble quilt!!

  3. Nice to see you Sunny.
    You have been very busy.
    You did have a cold snap and would you beleive it is getting HOT again here.. Had a few beautiful autumn days and then HOT !!!!
    OH I love your pretty Tulips and Yellow Crocus. I have just popped my bulbs in..
    Nice hexie and like the basket block.
    Love the tiny tumbles and I would stitch a needle and thread on the little banner.
    Santas looking good too.

  4. WOW,you are a busy girl! Nice post,always love your hexagons, nice tulips. We are having almost summer up here,very strange,but the cold weather is on it`s way.

  5. Sunny lovely tulips and gorgeous blocks,well done.xx

  6. The blossom looks so pretty on the ground and the tulips are gorgeous.
    Your thimbles project is great. Such lovely work.
    Gorgeous ornament.

  7. Love the thimbles !!!

  8. Goodness, I guess you have caught up on your sewing! Cute projects and I love that tulip...

  9. Well goodness, I've been out of blogging for so long, I didn't know that you had a job! Congrats to you! You seem to be able to stay busy with your stitching. Such lovely projects you're working on!!

    I love spring too and you can post all the spring pictures you'd like. They are lovely!

  10. Wowzer, Miz Sunny, you've been a busy woman!!! So much progress - woohoo!!!!!

  11. I think you should embroider some little thimbles and tiny flowers by the word thimble. You have done a good job of keeping up with your projects. The block you made Kim looks very nice and well sewn. You did good Sunny.

  12. Love the blossom blizzard...I have leaves falling here!

  13. Great to see how busy you have been Sunny and I love the thimbles and I think a few buttons would look great . Wow so many wonderful projects on the go :-)Glad to hear the cat front is good .hugs Sheila

  14. So glad the job is working out for you and very glad the kitty is back to being a kitty again--
    and all those finishes -- wow--
    great job--you are on a roll now!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  15. Crazy, crazy weather! You have been so very busy with many a wonderful project. I LOVE the thimbles! Great colour combination and so beautiful in the frame!

  16. All I can say is WOW! You have accomplished SO much and you've been working? I just can't seem to get much of anything going...but you give me inspiration! Love the tulips!


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