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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mango Pungo

Rain on a Wednesday is a good thing.  Rain on a Thursday is a beautiful thing.  Rain on a Friday is a wonderful thing.  Rain on a Saturday - Not so much.  No kayaking again this week.  All week long, the forecast for Saturday was good.  They were wrong.  Again.  But DH has been shopping online for a new kayak, so we hit the stores today.  As we were approaching our first destination, we drove by the Air Force Memorial.  I've never seen this before, and it was pretty cool!  Keep in mind that this picture was taken from a moving car on a rainy day.

We spent over an hour at the kayak store, and tried on the boats that we (yeah, I'm thinking I might need a new one too)thought we might like, but they didn't have exactly what we wanted.  We enjoyed lunch at a noodles-n-company, which I 've never tried before.  I can't wait to go again - super yummy.  I just decided that this picture may not look as appetizing as it could, but it was a very tasty steak and mushroom stroganoff.
And then we were off to store number two.  They had DH's dream boat, so he became the proud owner.  I didn't see anything that I was interested in, so we went out to the car and made a few phone calls.  Smart phones can come in very handy on a shopping trip like this.  After calls to three stores, we learned that the boat I had my eye on could be located in Annapolis.  Having nothing better to do on a rainy day, we decided to drive down.  The GPS took us through DC to get there, so here's the Washington monument from a moving car.

We were within two miles of our destination when we came upon a traffic jam.  It took us over a half hour to go a half mile.  Notice our speed in this picture. 
At long last, we made it to the store, and I found the boat I was looking for.  And then I found an even better one.  So I became the proud owner of a mango Pungo!

Unfortunately, we didn't take the car with the racks today, so we have to go back to pick them up.  But DH made it easier because he found a boat that he liked even better at this same store, so he bought it, and cancelled the earlier purchase.  He may go back this week to pick them up, because he has lots of free time now.  Yes, he was laid off on Thursday.  

I'd like to say that our drive home was uneventful, but we saw three accidents in about 15-20 miles, and there was almost a fourth - involving us!  Fortunately, by the time we stopped for dinner, the rain had nearly stopped, and we made it home safe and sound. 

My standing appointment for Sunday morning has been cancelled, so there will be stitching happening at this house tomorrow!  Yeah, and laundry too.  Have a a nice Sunday everyone!

Stitching to my heart's content.....Sunny

bye-bye green kayak - it's been fun


  1. so glad Sunny that you and hubby found boats that you both liked,and hope hubby finds work soon.xx

  2. Certainly an eventful weekend! Wow - new kayaks sounds great. Hope the weather clears quickly for you. Glad to hear you stayed out of all the accidents but very sorry to hear that hubby's job has gone.
    Has the Washington Monument re-opened to visitors since the earthquake damaged it?

  3. So sorry to hear about your husband's job but the new kayaks sound fun.

  4. I have never kayaked but it does look like fun and I hope you enjoy your new Mango Pungo ,I like the name ;-)Hope your weather sees some sun soon.

  5. Wow want a fabulous new kayak you have Sunny....
    Hope your DH finds work again soon.

  6. I am so glad you got home safely. I surely hope your husband's job situation improves quickly. In the meantime, wait for a sunny day and try out your new boat.

  7. Goodness, he worked through all his sickness last year and then this year they let him go. Hoping he gets a better job soon! Enjoy those boats....

  8. WE used to love kayak'ing too... but we don't do any now.

    Sorry to hear your hubby lost his job, I hope he gets a new one soon

    That memorial is awesome.

    Rained here on the weekend too... ikky weather.

  9. What a pretty kayak! So happy you both found one you like. I always want to go - but DH can't do it with his back. I can't believe your DH was laid off. At least the kayaking will help should things get stressful!


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